The official terenas classic thread

Ahh CLASSIC, everyone so nice and helpful…then human nature sets in. Guilds form as early fellowships, bonds are created, rapport is developed…then…greed, jealousy, sex, rock and roll, all that kind of thing! 2.0.

Sign me up!

Update: Signed up.

Update 2: I’ve been on a roll. Muhahahah!

Anyone from Terenas playing Classic on the Westfall server? I was looking to hook up with some old friends, even old guildmates from Ascensum and Gamblers. Please keep me posted! <3 Miss you all so much.

Some Horadrim players and a mish-mash of other washups (myself included) are playing on Myzrael Alliance side

:joy: Started another Rabidlylucid warlock but I think I’m going to settle into a priest.