The official terenas classic thread

I have a feeling some of these MIGHT pop up as we get closer to classic release.

But anyways can someone maybe give me updates on where some of the old names are or if you know if they might be peeking in for classic?

PS. Especially wondering about people like Blakwrath or Short Bus crew. But maybe people can reconnect before it drops so we can reunite like old times.


Hey man, anyone know who stole my Grand Marshal title?

I’ll be re-rolling a Tauren Warrior :slight_smile:

Yeah me and some fellow vanilla friends are rolling horde side too… Fun fact

Viser(my paladin) was originally supposed to be a rogue. But I heard I got a free mount at 40 and the rest was history. So I will be reconciling the timeline and rolling Orc Rogue in classic.

I started a human warrior and paladin got them both to 10 and chose my paladin because he had a long cloak and looked like a badass, might go warrior this time around. If you are Horde I will have no other choice than to slay you and the rest of you scum.

I will be returning to classic, and staying alliance to follow my roots (I’ve been horde for years).

I will not be a hunter, but instead going warrior because I hate myself.

Not sure if anyone remembers me, though. It’s been a solid 10+ years.

I’ll be your pocket healer

Not sure which server i will be on yet, But Furiah will be back around.

I will be back, I doubt if anyone remembers me though ;p

I’ll be coming back, was a nightelf Druid named Ermoon on Terenas. I’ll be looking to see if Nodomino comes back, it’s hard to remember a time in Vanilla when he wasn’t the alliance Grand Marshal.

I’ll be around. Not sure what I’ll be playing yet. My 11 year-old daughter is excited to play. Man how times have changed.

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Holy crap man some of us have kids. I find out my first’s gender in a couple days so I’m just wildin over what nostalgia is popping up now.


I’ll be on the Pagle server under the same name, Sinntarek. NE warrior. See ya guys around!

Oops. Posted on the wrong toon /facepalm

Congrats man! So happy for you.

I know you’ve likely been told this more times than you can count, but it’s going to be amazing.

Honestly it’s crazy, I have a kid now and a second one on the way. But the hype for Classic WoW is through the roof. It’s like going back in time. I seriously can’t wait. I started playing this game when I was 19 freakin’ years old. 19 year old Stonreighn was too busy trollin’ the Terenas Realm forums to ever dream about having a family and all that. But, here we are! I think I’m still the same troll’n Stonreighn though!

Haha yep man. Was the same age having a big ol granite ret chip on my shoulder back then. But its the same for me, Just found out I’m having a daughter today and I know I won’t be able to stay out of the daddy role for a while.

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Congratulations! I have a 2 year old daughter now and another baby in the oven, but don’t know the gender yet!

I apparently can’t post links here, but the Onion has a new article titled : “Blizzard Bringing Back Original ‘World Of Warcraft’ So Thousands Of Gamers Can Relive Most Depressing Era Of Their Lives”

Seriously hits home on this topic in a dreadfully hilarious way.


Rolled Human Rogue on Pagle.