The Not So Secret life of the Hivemind

Who has gotten this so far? What did you think? Who plans to get it soon?


I got it. I thought it was pretty awesome all around, like the other secrets before it.

Personally I was a little annoyed at the group requirement at the end, as I’ve always liked the secrets for what they were before; something fun and interesting to work on at your own pace on your own time, but it is what it is.

I also still don’t understand why you guys made it so that only the group I did it with can merge with my mount. You had to have known that there’d be a lot of pugging for the end part of that, with people we likely would never see again.

But even with those mild complaints I thought it was still pretty cool.


i got it, imo the most fun secret yet :smiley:
the HoO puzzle was a pita, but still fun
the rest was awesome :slight_smile:
why was more effort felt there then BFA in general tho? : /

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I have not. No plans to either. Like Kreivos said, the group requirement and then limitation makes it something that I don’t find entertaining nor rewarding.

Not to mention, I don’t like the mount anyway.


I have seen this and have no idea where to get it from…

I loved getting the Hivemind. One thing I really enjoyed from the Lucid Nightmare was the Puzzle (despite being very hard to navigate). I was kind of disappointed that there was no maze, but the platform puzzle made up for it.

The secrets are always some of the coolest bits of content. I’d like to see it become more main-stream, like a Labyrinth that changes weekly, that could also have potential for some group content.

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Did you read through the post? Can’t tell where the confusion is offhand.

dear gods no that’d be a nightmare lol

I have a yellow monocle. It took me hours. And I don’t think I’ve shouted more obscenities at my computer monitor in my entire WoW existence. So I will enjoy other folks flitting about in it but I’ll have to pass for the sake of my mental health.

i got it back when it was first found out, but was really let down by the fact that we need to be in a group with the same 4 people we did the puzzles on to be able to take advantage of the special ability. imo just allow up to 5 people to join and stop it from being used in a BG or something.


I was going to get it, but after reading that you can only use it with the original group you obtained it with, it seemed kind of worthless.


I’ve gotten the mount, the last moments were stressful as one of our players had to leave in 30 minutes and we were stuck on the platform.

Worth it and lots of fun

I have it, was along for the ride when it was being solved. It was very fun! Except for that yellow monocle, I took one look at that and said no. Kind of amusing how people have been hammering away at Lady Chaton since July and had no idea it was for the Hivemind. xD

Looking forward to the next big secret! I hope it’s a solo one though, not a group thing again.


Too much time and effort for my liking for one mount. That is the type of thing I do when I run out of content.


I refuse to get it, for no other reason than I cant imagine putting up with 4 other people long enough to maximize the benefit.


Hopefully with a map integrated in-game that fills out over time?

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I thought it would look better tbh and are you ‘fluffing’ to change the mood of the forums right now Bornak?? Oo it feels forced and awkward…


I planned on working on it after I felt I had caught up in ilvl and gone into cruise control mode. Nearly there.

Personally I hope you add WAY WAY WAY more of these types of long quest.

Yup, pretty much this.

I don’t want something with such limitations.

I’m all for group content and love multi-person mounts (save for my terribad druid glyph as an excuse for a class mount), but limiting people like that was ridiculous.

It should have just been a five person mount with no buffs.


I have it and I love it. I still get whispers from random people about it. I’m looking forward to the next secret.