The New Frost DK buffs are

Negligible at best, insulting at worst.

While DW is currently narrowly out-performing 2-Handers, the issue with the spec is not that two-handed weapons are doing 2% too little damage. DW is also suffering and it’s due to lack of damage in the overall kit.
I suggest reverting either the obliterate damage nerf made in the pre-patch, or reverting the Pillar of Frost changes from pre-patch in at least one of two ways:

  • Lower the cooldown back to 45 seconds (down from the new 1 minute CD)
  • Increase the duration back to 15 seconds (up from the new 12 second duration)

Even if these buffs aren’t a lot, they would certainly help.

Other buffs may be in order, I am no game dev, just somebody that loves to play Frost Death Knight. Also, definitely do something to make 2-Handers catch up to DW, maybe allow them to use a second runeforge or make a special runeforge just for 2-Handers.

I appreciate any and all feedback on this, as this is mainly just a late night angry post about my bad spec staying bad in yet another balance hotfix.

Lastly, I know there are other specs that are underperforming in the game that need to be buffed, I hope they receive buffs too. This is just a post about Frost, all about Destro lock and other spec buffs too <3

I just want to post this to bring attention to how poorly Frost DK players are being treated by Blizzard.


2% increase actually made me chuckle when I read that

Also, the Fury buff was quite laughable too.

8% of 0 is still 0


It’s just incredible to me tbh. Other specs are just getting flat increases and Frost is being pretty much abandoned. We are for sure going to end up somewhere in the bottom 2 specs for Nathria.

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This might seem/sound stupid but according to my friend who works there as a server engineer/dev they literally have a room with graphs and statistics showing the %'s of damage for every spec in the game and they just adjust the values up and down until they’re near each other.


I’m sure they have something like that. It’s just infuriating to always be forgotten by the devs while trying to play my favorite spec.

Legion Frost DK actually made me enjoy the game so much and then it’s just … gone.

Quite unfortunate, it’s also why I’ve given up playing in general currently. Enjoying my time playing other games such as Destiny 2 until they sort their stuff out.


and here I am thinking it’s a dart board with blindfolds


And it will never come back. There’s no dev at Blizzard that has logged into a Frost DK in the last 4 years that would care enough to help the spec out.

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It would seem that way, wouldn’t it


It really really would

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