The nerfs are really 13.75% NOT 25% L2Read Patchnotes

The nerfs to most skills are really 13.75%, not 25% dmg.

The General changes apply everywhere, for PVE and PVP (Unless otherwise specified), getting mostly 15% buffs across the board there.

then on PVP that change you get 25% reduced effectiveness in PVP.

So, its 115% of current damage transformed into new base damage, then nerfed by 25% in PVP, leaves you with 86.25% of current damage.

That is 13.75% nerf

Strong, but not nearly as strong as a 25% nerf.

Do not believe me ? watch this for Evoker for example

Or Warlocks

If those were only PVE buffs, they would all say the same as Fire Breath, instead only Fire Breath says doesnt apply for PVP, same with the last 3 destro lock changes, otherwise if not specified its base damage increase, works for pve and pvp.

So for priests you get

This buffs first…


Also, look the dev notes, it says " we are looking to offset recent PvE buffs", because they apply everywhere.

So only nerfs for Mind Blast and DP, are really strong (and 13.75%).

Other skills like Void Turrent are even getting a flat out 15% increased damage.

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I agree spriests wont be as bad as people saying

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I must be missing all the doom and gloom, where are these people?

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Btw this is also NOT a 10% buff… thats now how math works…

going from 120% to 130% is not a 10% buff of current value…

I don’t feel like I can kill anyone in PVP after the nerf. Thanks Blizz. The worst part is that we have no mobility and we can’t cast while moving during voidform in DF. :confused:


Yeah nerf is heaps notcieable. Have the 15% buffs come out yet too?

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Yeah, In PVE lol

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The buffs are for both pve and pvp.

Its just you getting also a modifier nerf on pvp.

But if you were not getting that 15% increase. Overall would be a 25% nerf. In reality as explained. Its a 13.75% nerf for pvp.