The Mythic Dungeon International 2024 Begins February 16!

The Mythic Dungeon International 2024 Begins February 16!

Don’t miss the fastest speed runs from the top World of Warcraft® teams as the MDI returns in Season 3.

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I could use a good nap.


I am 100% going to miss it cause Esports are even more boring to watch then real sports.


And people wonder why so many think M+ is always run this way.


Cool, can’t wait to see all the tanks try all these new paths they find while watching that.


Hey, that’s really cool. You list the teams, but I have no idea what players are on what teams?
Can you list whos on what team and maybe I can go find their streams (if they stream) and see what the competitors are up to? So I can maybe get INVESTED in this EVENT?

Can I flag the mdi?

I thought Microsoft laid off all the Blizzard Esports employees.

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Me too panda.
wiggles toes

The go go go mentality of these events has lost the mojo over the years.

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M+ have a timer. Want to beat the timer? Going to have to run fast. Oh wow such common sense.

Tell me you’ve never run high keys without telling me.

Low key timers can be ignored and you’ll still have plenty of time.

Speed runs are not the same.

If you’re going to be snarky, at least understand what you’re snarking about first.


People might be surprised to find no augs! There might also be … dun dun DUN! A hunter!?

Wait did you change the level this time or still 22s? I think speedrun content could still be interesting in a 25 fwiw.

Only like 90% of them.

Lol you started by saying people run fast coz of MDI. Is not the timers is what caused it. You say is easy. Try a DoI raise on a +25 and pull like MDI in pugs. You are going brick the key lol. And no even in your typical +20 key people don’t pull like the MDI.

Aren’t MDI keys run at +18 (super low for the teams who compete)?

No. I said people tend to think that all M+ is run as a speed run because of stuff like this.

Where did I say anything is easy?

… what are you on about? Did you even comprehend what I said? Because you literally just backed up what I said while trying to argue against what I said. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wonder if MDI will popularize destro lock? Viva la chaos bolt :slight_smile:

You think he gets the irony?

I still think they need a Pros vs Joes. Invite ultra casuals to do a mythic plus. People like me with gray RIO. If we survive, we get recognition some how.

/saangreal accidentally hit the chat key and we got WSSDDDSSSSAA. I think it’s a cheat code. Have to check the Game Genie.

/Saang forgot to hide behind the wall in Ataldazar and now he’s feared into aggroing a pack of pterodactyls

/the tank is in the wrong spec. Can it be done folks? The warlock is tanking with the void walker.

/look at that, folks they timed the +2 while the healer was AFK and the hunter was feigning death because the tank never tanked before and didn’t know about threat.

Like if anyone has ever watched an episode of Worst Bakers in America.

Something funny. Have comedians narrate the matches.

:ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon:

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