The Multibox Pendulum

Nobody is suggesting that we let Multiboxers and bots go crazy. Botting obviously needs to be tracked more closely. And most of this threads conversations revolve around a happy medium for Multiboxers.


Well I appreciate those that contributed to this thread. It’s kind of sad that even though there was what I considered to be proactive and productive discussions around this topic no DEV’s ever dropped by or got in contact with me. I still remain hopeful that with the upcoming changes Bliz is making that the will reconsider the policy changes they made.


So I check the forums from time to time. I Actually got a pretty good laugh at this: Policy Update for Organized In-Game Services -- January 2022 . I had to chuckle because there are thousands of posts asking for this ban not to take effect. I wonder how many of those same players who are making this demand/plea were against the MB community and for the broadcasting update. Probably none. :wink: