The Multibox Pendulum

I don’t mind a lot of people in some cases like if they are on my server but if I see a bunch from random servers I had never even seen before it’s like “who are these people?!” you know? And even then, people just name change server xfer off you don’t know who is who anymore. RP servers have their identity still to a degree but even then it isn’t perfect perfect you know? Moonguard has their um… “naughty naughty” section but they have their serious RP too. Other RP servers have serious RP too and more horde or alliance based too. Issue is that all servers should have some kind of rep.

That’s the thing with other MMOS they have their own identities per servers like you were saying. Like if I wanted to play on a small server to get away from the “big city” so to speak, you could do that.

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so the only multiboxing non banable is alt tabbing?

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You don’t need a line of communication and you aren’t entitled to one either. Blizzards job is to make a game that you enjoy enough to stay subbed, their job isn’t to talk to you.

or windowed mode with hover to activate a window in the windows desktop setting (that’s how I do it but I have that setting on for stuff outside of wow) or by clicking on the icons in the task bar (hyperboxing does that on youtube).

That’s like buying a car and the dealership won’t speak to you if you you have an issue / won’t do community events. Car dealers do community events around here frequently and talk with community members. Doesn’t give them money but builds repour and that repour gets people to either buy more stuff or keep a positive image.

Blizzard’s job is 100% to create a game for us and to communicate with us that we would want to pay towards. They need to communicate on changes and their customers regarding issues, especially since this is a community based game. The MMORPG genre revolves around the communities created within the game, and that community often times includes developers of the games too. FFXIV does that and Runescape does that with Jagex just to name a couple.

This is true.

This is not true.

K so who do you contact if you have a problem in the game?

What kind of problem? Harassment? Bugs? Cheating? There are numerous avenues to report your problems.

What an odd response. Blizzard doesn’t just make games, they make culture. That’s why they do Blizzcon. It’s WHY they made a movie… Are you serious? Blizzard has an entire platform to literally sell us whatever they can. Merch? Books. Figurines. Clothes… even food…

Brand voice and brand image are central to their marketing. Communication is huge. 9.1.5 speaks to that. It’s basically a free for all of additions the community has been asking for since before launch.

And it’s not about entitlement… What a childish remark. Their job absolutely is to talk to us. They are talking to us via lots of channels already. Over the years though, voice consistency became more crucial to them as they parred down after acquisition. The problem is, the conversation got to one sided. It used to be organic. The devs used to be in the trenches with the players. It made for a great community. We used to have direct access to mods all the time. That changed and I think it ultimately hurt the brand.


Anything, you have a problem with World of Warcraft, who do you contact?

If you are having an issue then you can submit a ticket, that’s what the system is for.

This is not true.

According to you that isn’t the case. Blizzard’s job is to not talk to you per your own words. That ticket you submit… guess where that goes? These forum posts… guess who reads em?

So why are they making movies? Writing books? Making clothes? Figurines? Paying streamers? etc. etc. etc.

It’s culture. It’s voice. It all matters. It’s why every company is on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Alright so gonna try to head to bed. Was nice talking to you all.


This is botting straight up. you can see that due to that pathing. Multiboxing in the sense that maybe they are running these bots from one computer sure but this I can guarantee is not player input. A good example of the opposite of what we are talking about.

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Movies, books, making clothes, figurines, ect. have nothing to do with the communication you think you are entitled to in regards to this game. Unless, of course, you want some guy who prints shirts to come talk to you about the game.

This isn’t about entitlement and has nothing to do with my response. I’m not saying they MUST talk to us. I said the game was better when they did. That’s it. What are you failing to grasp here?

I work in marketing. A huge portion of what we do is just communication. Dealers. Retail. We have lots of channels we communicate through. I have worked for large companies that limited communications for brand consistency and others that had open channels because customer communication was important. Both have advantages and both have down sides.

All of those things are absolutely apart of communication. They are all content. They are all about culture building. When we had mods messaging us for tickets and blue posts here all the time, that was the culture they were building. Then it changed and the I think the game and community is worse off because of it.

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The reply to my several tickets was to take to the forums. I was assured that here is where I would be able to share ideas and obtain additional clarification. I personally have 5 copies of WoW. I like to run 5m content. Yes I picked flowers and mined ore 5x but I also use them for my characters. Many forget or don’t understand because they have never done it how much it takes to run several competitive / geared comps. I say that knowing that not everyone is like me but if they had provided guidance instead of just outright banning we would have adapted for the better. I truly believe that.

From players, yeah. You were not assured that you’d get a response from blizzard.