The Multibox Pendulum

Playing multibox goes against the spirit of the game… You are supposed to be a hero going on quests and adventures. This isn’t warcraft 3 where you control a squad or an entire army… using multibox also negates team building and the social aspect of finding groups for dungeons and other content. Even if it were harmless which it is absolutely not it still has no place in this game

I’ve always said cheating is what the developers say is cheating :man_shrugging: If Blizz decides tomorrow that they are going to keep pathfinder but allow players to use 3rd party software to fly then that’s not cheating anymore. If they say all addons are now forbidden then you better not have Bagnon installed anymore because that’s cheating :laughing: But I am a strictly by the book kind of person, I don’t get into

It’s either against the rules or it’s not.

I don’t know anyone that multiboxxes 100% of the time, it’s usually just something they do when they feel like doing it, just like me playing Classic wow :laughing: You’ll still see me in your random heroics :heart:

That’s not how this work, not how any of this works. Most uneducated answer against multiboxing. Only ONE character can get a node. Nodes do not share in group. So what if four tons controlled by one person runs at a node, only one gets it. So what if 4 toons are camped at four spots clicking for nodes. Still not going to get more nodes than one person running around farming. The only two valid arguments against multiboxing that make any sense are PvP which is a stretch and gold farming.

PvP - no different than four people running together, you are still going to die. Only thing is, when you kill one multibox toon, you take out all four. Because the multiboxer has to rez that one and can’t play the others. So, not a problem.

Gold farming - Okay. valid point but gold farming drives down the prices of everything. Meaning you have more gold for more items.

I thought hardware was allowed but no software ?

Like i thought if you could get one keyboard to connect to 5 computers and you pressed each button that they where okay with that ?
was there another change after first announced no more input software way way back ?

They aren’t in groups. I love how you come out punching when you’re clueless.

Nodes have a max 10 tap limit. This was changed in Legion. 10 players can each hit the same node before it despawns. This has been explained many times and many multiboxers have bragged out it on these forums.

There was an update: Policy Update for Input Broadcasting - May 2021

Keep in mind some are referring to classic vs retail versions of the game.

This isn’t the classic general forum.

I am new to the forums and didn’t realize there were forums for retail and classic specifically. My apologies. But I still think that is were the disconnect came in the explanation.

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Then why not respond to the person accusing me of being ‘uneducated’ rather than responding to me?

All they needed to do was have a reasonable response in the first place. “I don’t think you’re right, I believe it works like _____.” Disagreeing is fine and we all make mistakes.

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I wouldn’t say the argument is uneducated. It is more about perception than anything else really. The bottom line is that in retail if 10 characters were farming herbs or one person is farming herbs on 10 toons there are still characters out there that are going to need the mats. Even if they are not the mats that they are farming. IE someone picking herbs might need ore vice versus. In classic it is a bit different because the node is exhausted after one tap. I think this still goes back to game design flaws. Making things easier or more abundant is what ruins the value. And that fact that most crafting professions don’t provide enough profit so everyone gathers which perpetuates the cycle.

What is that? Your imaginary picture of what the game should be is not reality…

What does the spirit say about the fact that Blizzard allows multiboxing and facilitates that by allowing up to 8 sub-accounts under one account?

What you described is slightly outdated. Killing the leader might have been problematic like that when using broadcasting; but without it, I find it much easier to switch to another toon if my lead dies, and keep going.

So did you. You misread his post and decided to assault his intelligence.

Can’t we all just get along?

I’m off playing new world and never coming back. Blizzard needs to let the multiboxers do whatever they want. Let the bots go crazy too.


I was responding to their insult, and no, I didn’t misread anything. Again, why not address the person making the insults in the first place, rather than the person responding to them?

Like almost everyone that frequently use these forums lmao

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Might not have a choice the way this game is bleeding subs :laughing: Never paid any attention to multiboxers for the most part. Just my opinion, but always thought they should of just limited how many characters people could use to multibox with first instead of just banning everything under the sun. Like a max of 5 at the most. No worse, than folks forming a 5 person dungeon group. All this software, hardware banning sure as heck hasn’t stopped the bot hackers anyways.


I whole-heartedly agree with you but I would bump the number to 10, but I would also bump the number of node taps to 1. I say this to ensure that at the very least we could attempt 10m content. I appreciate the sound feedback though.

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Did Bobby Kotick just give me hope that Multiboxing will return? He sure did. :stuck_out_tongue:

" Being welcoming and inclusive, in the context of our workplace, is crystal clear. We will still passionately debate ideas, employ healthy skepticism when appropriate, and demand excellence and rigor in all of our pursuits – but we will always treat each other with dignity and respect. And regardless of differences, voices will be heard, perspectives welcomed, and contributions valued.

We are a business fueled by passion and performance. These are cornerstones of our creative excellence but we must constantly recognize, embrace, and celebrate that the very best ideas, the most rigorous execution of those ideas, and ultimately our responsibility to our players and each other are best served by a culture that recognizes and respects that true excellence comes from diverse views, voices, and talents."

Okay maybe I took this a bit out of context but one can hope and dream right? Now if only there was a DEV willing to share these ideas!

Nobody is suggesting that we let Multiboxers and bots go crazy. Botting obviously needs to be tracked more closely. And most of this threads conversations revolve around a happy medium for Multiboxers.


Well I appreciate those that contributed to this thread. It’s kind of sad that even though there was what I considered to be proactive and productive discussions around this topic no DEV’s ever dropped by or got in contact with me. I still remain hopeful that with the upcoming changes Bliz is making that the will reconsider the policy changes they made.