The Maw: Unable to loot my corpse after death

While gathering Stygian in The Maw, after dying I have observed behavior where I and others in my guild have been unable to loot our corpse. Just curious if any one else has witnessed this or experienced it?

We have been unable, most cases, to recover lost items. Tried Reload UI, restarting the client, etc…and no joy.

Exactly the same

Yep. I opened a ticket for it and they said the following.

Their customer service is honestly garbage.

"Good morning!

I am here to talk to you about the ticket you submitted about your lost Stygia.

The maw is intended to be a dangerous place with risks and genuine danger of losing stygia. Customer Support cannot restore any Stygia lost in the maw under any circumstances. This is including bugs, because we cannot verify the cause of your death, or if you’re unable to reach your corpse for any reason.

If you believe that a bug is the cause of your death and Stygia loss, can you please use the “report a bug” via “Support” then “Submit feedback or bug report” tool on the ingame Support menu to send a report of the issue to our QA and development teams to investigate. Reports sent this way automatically include character and account logs to help with the investigations. They also give an idea of how many players are affected so that it an be prioritised and fixed as soon as possible.

Once again Customer Support is not able to assist with any lost Stygia under any circumstance."

Yet another reason to hate the Maw design; Nothing ‘dangerous’ about lame bugs …


Was there ever a fix for this? Experiencing it now :frowning:

Cursed update, but I sat on top of my corpse and it worked :tired_face: