The Malevolent - Guild Summary - WoW

Good Day All,

I’m a Co-Guild Leader for an established but newly forming guild on the Azshara, Azgalor, Destromath and Thunderlord Realms. We are a family run guild and looking to fill our roles and get ready for Shadowlands.

What we would like to do: Have Fun!

What we are really looking for is you. The raider, the pvper, the quester the player who just likes to run dungeons. The young ( but mature) and the old (me). The player who likes to log on and quests or do dailies. The player who logs in because they like to run pugs. The player who just likes to chat in guild while they do their own thing. You know who you are.

We are also looking for a small but select group of leaders who wouldn’t mind handling the day to day operations of the guild and are willing to earn their role. Who will understand what our vision is and work to make sure that we don’t and won’t stray or allow others to stray from that image.

We are also looking for a person who wants to run their own Raid or PvP team. They can fill the ranks of the team with players of their choosing and run them with rules they find necessary to be successful. We just need to set up the rules and make sure they are fair to all the players who are on that team. I would also ask that we set up a separate casual(s) team and work toward training those players who want to learn and participate and maybe earn a spot on the regular team if one becomes open.

So, reply to me on this forum or shoot me an in game msg or mail. We are accepting to everyone who wants to join the guild regardless of what they are looking for as a role. Just be friendly, casual and cordial all while being respectful to everyone.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, then we look forward to talking to you.

Thank you and enjoy your day!