"The Lords of Water" world quest

With this world quest you’re currently able to get into Newhome while riding an elemental and kill players. I watched a guy do it for long enough to get multiple bounties. This is a ridiculous issue if you could fix the phasing that would be greaaat.


i submitted a web ticket under zone disruption. allowed me to submit the screenshots there. I do hope there is a ban in place for exploiting WQ mechanics to get kills


pretty sure that is a bannable offence.

Guys you probably want to edit your posts before a Blue gets to looking at Flags.

You should be using the in-game reporting feature rather than breaking forum rules which will get a forced vacay from the forums!

Just did a Battle For Nazjatar and a DH was using this exploit to hold the tower above Newhome. I got 1-shot by a 360k Surge

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same, alliance DH using the ele to hold tower and 1shot any horde. as soon as we get his elements health low he can jump out and get ported back to the WQ start with a new elemental.

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You should be using the in-game reporting feature rather than breaking forum rules which will get a forced vacay from the forums!

Almost impossible to report them in game since you can’t click their nameplates while they’re in the elemental. I had to get on my ally alt and whisper him just so i could report him.

Also the only way i knew it was him was because he was a bounty which i could see on the map, and because his name was so unique that there was only 1 120 DH with that name.

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I submitted multiple tickets for this same person yesterday, and now that the quest is back up again today, we have yet another person exploiting the quest, camping the newhome portal and flightmaster.

Bump! Guess what? This is still going on and there appears to be literally no way at all to get this company to do anything about it at all. My tickets were not answered for 2 days, and when they were, here was the answer:

Hey there,

Specialist GM Suzaminies here, reaching out about your report. :slight_smile:
Zone disruption through exploitation is something we have to witness to take action. Please reach out to us when this is happening by reaching out over a live chat or phone callback request so we can see what’s going on and take appropriate action against any offending parties. I’d love to help you out so get back to me when that’s ongoing. Currently I don’t see any online characters matching that description.

Thanks so much!

This person completely ignored the fact there is no way to report a player for cheating / exploiting when the player is in a vehicle (because you cannot target his nameplate to right-click and select “report”). Additionally, even if there had been a way to report the player, there was no way for me “reach out” to blizzard support “when this is happening” because that is exactly what we did! Dozens of us reported this person in real time giving his character name and detailed descriptions, but the ticket wasn’t answered for almost 2 days.

I re-opened the ticket, pointing out that the answer I was given means it is impossible to ever do anything at all about a person who is cheating / exploiting a vehicle in a world quest, camping the Nazjatar portal and flight master, one-shotting people who zone in, all with no possibility of ever taking any damage. I received a second response:

Hi Matthew,

This is Specialist Game Master Zatehuit here. I’m really sorry to hear that happened. I totally understand how frustrating that is. Tickets are answered in the order in which they are received. Sadly, that means reports like this can be delayed.

And as the previous rep said, we need to visually verify these sorts of exploits in game before we can take action. While you can’t open a chat or call from in-game, you can open one from the website. If you see this again, please open a chat or call-back from the website.

Take care

After spending a ridiculous amount of time attempting to find a link for some live chat, it turns out live chat is closed. Awesome game!

This is very clearly a bug, and it needs to be fixed. Either make the range of that vehicle much shorter, or (even better) make the person in the vehicle phased to other players / pvp NPCs

Just dealt with the same thing on my Warrior not even 30 minutes ago. Watching this guy get a bounty because they were using the Elemental to go to Newhome and use it’s abilities on players and NPC’s that were not quest objectives. Luckily, they were foolish enough to emote while doing it so I could report, but still. If this is happening on the scale it seems to be. It needs to be fixed. All that is needed is make the abilities only affect the Naga forces, or unable to effect players.


currently happening on my server.

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same thing happening and players not getting banned. what needs to be done?