The List of 8 Options I'd Like to See in Shadowlands (but probably won't)

Hi everyone,

Here is a list of additions I would LOVE to see included with Shadowlands.

I am sure that some people will disagree with some (maybe all?) of the things on this list, and that is completely fine because your views and wishes for the game should be respected too.

The List:

First: Make all classes available to all races.

Second: Give many more customization options available to all races, at the least the options that already exist in the game for variants of those races (some examples: red-skinned former Man’ari for Draenei, red eyes/skin for orcs, customizable tails for worgen, etc.)

Third: Provide full character re-customization (name change, race change, etc.) at the barbershop to replace paying directly for those options. You could just set the price in gold to equal the same Blizzard balance price of the old services if someone were to use gold to buy Blizzard balance, so it will be exactly the same thing with fewer steps and more ease of access.

Four: Give the ability to transmog any piece of any gear type onto any class (so priests could transmog plate, etc.). This would really open up the options for appearance there with minimal effort on Blizzard’s part.

Five: Remove transmog restrictions; for example, give the ability to hide pants (pants show through some of the robe models, even!). Allow players to customize the colours and design of their characters’ underclothes.

Six: Include allied races that people have been requesting for ages (naga, kalu’ak, sethrak, the list goes on indefinitely really). Each allied race at the minimum just needs a basic intro quest to unlock once reputation with a particular faction has been achieved, then some additional player models, and like, that’s about all that is needed to make players happy. While we are at it, let new Shadowlands races (Kyrians, etc.) become playable allied races once unlocked.

Seven: Grant the ability to play with, communicate with, and group with members of the opposite faction with War Mode OFF (when War Mode is ON, or in PvP, the current restrictions would remain). There is no reason whatsoever not to have this option, especially since Horde and Alliance work together most of the time anyway in the expansions’ stories.

Eight: Include new classes that people have been requesting since forever, like a bard class (easy to do with a tank, healer, and DPS build—you even sort of have the idea for the tank specialization already with ETC in Heroes of the Storm!), a tinker class (with those same specializations), and so on.


they already said no new race/class combos. Plus this should never happen.

I mean they are doing that, but it can’t all come on day 1. The customization will continue through the xpac and beyond based on interviews.

That’ll never happen. There is way to much money to be made on race changes, especially when new races come out.

I also disagree with this, the armor types are part of the classes identity and have been part of the game for ages. I’d rather armor type restriction stay in place. Do away with level requirements though.

I can dig it on that one.

They already confirmed no new alloed races are coming in 9.0.

I’m torn on this. Faction war is part of the identity of this game. I get that we aren’t at war at the moment but still.

They also confirmed no new class plans.

Overall I think your expectations are waaaaaay to high for where we are in development. Some of what you want are major expansion selling points after all, and I dont think we have any surprises waiting.


Faction war can still exist in like… rebel parts of the faction. Not everyone in the US agrees we should be going to war with another country, why would factions be 100% on either side.

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I qould really love to have the option of having robes or not having robes, like i hated that 75% of cloth mogs are freaking robes.

I would like that using a robe version of somthing is optional

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I would like to see

Pvp stats or sets readded

I’m almost blown away at how much this game is turning into worldoffashioncraft

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Hi Felsavior,

I wished to reply to you because of your long and thoughtful post. Please know that I am in no way trying to argue with you though because your opinions are just as valid as mine.

On race/class combinations: I respect that you don’t like the idea. I like it because we’ve already seen it in game in various NPCs who are certain races but take on different classes than are available to players of those races.

More customization options: I am just saying what I would like to see Blizzard do, because neither you nor I am in any place to decide for Blizzard what their development schedule and abilities are. The best thing I can do is just say “I would like this” and hope they can make it happen.

Full re-customization and race changes: I feel that if the gold cost were equivalent to what someone would pay in Blizzard Balance, that many players would lack the gold to do a barbershop race change and would have to buy the gold from Blizzard anyway. So Blizzard would still be making roughly the same amount of money as they already do, and it would be more convenient for players, and it would be an in-game gold sink that we probably need more of.

Armor types transmogging onto any class: I understand your view; the reason I like this option is because we have already seen this in-game. Even back in classic, people would use different armor types to min-max their characters (paladins wearing cloth, etc.). And there are many NPCs in the game who are of particular classes but wear completely different-typed outfits.

Allied races: Yes, they did say so, but I am just listing things I would like, regardless of what Blizzard says their plans are. I really do not care what Blizzard’s plans are; I care about what I as a player would like to see in the game.

Playing with people on the other faction: Yes, I too have always liked the idea of the “faction war” story but at this point I think the story has developed way past that in the games, so it really doesn’t make any logical sense now to prohibit this, and lots of players have alts on both sides so there doesn’t seem to be any real reason to prevent these players from grouping with their friends just because their friends might prefer playing tauren over draenei, for instance.

New classes: Yes, they confirmed this as well, but I am just listing things I would like, regardless of Blizzard’s plans.

Thank you for responding to me with a thoughtful post, I do appreciate your views and opinions! :slight_smile:


Looks are important on a game. Thats the reason why transmog was added on tje game.

And the reason that sets on classic looks cool and the quest armor looks horrible.

Looks and fashion is important to people, they want to look cool, for themselves. I love tranamog, and i love that option on classic, honestly.

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Thrall and Aedelas Blackmoore reunion.

the first 5 would be nice. The last ones are a big stretch though and I guess so is the first one. Shame.

Well, we never know! Blizzard did say in the interviews recently that more customization options would be coming, so at least there is that! :slight_smile:

I mean blizzard also said no blue eyes for blood elves, they said no paladins for Zandalari, they said no more rep grinds… I mean I could keeping going but you get the idea. New race class combinations should be included in Shadowlands. If you want it, post about it. Now is the perfect time to push for it. With the leveling revamp and the new starting zone it makes it an ideal time for them to add the new options.


Yes, I agree with you completely and definitely feel like this would be the time to let Blizzard know what we would like to see. If they cannot do it in time for Shadowlands, well, okay, but still it would be good to save feedback for the future. :slight_smile:

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This would be so lovely, I do not like the mail armor (especially mail pants).

Yes! I would hide all of my hunters’ pants because the mail pants are usually hideous.

I’d love this. I miss my horde friends :frowning:


yes please

yes please

No thank you. I would hate if people could completely change their identity. How would you ever keep track of whos who?

Hate this.
Would mean I needed to search for good mog on other classes I don’t care about just to get it for my priest. Sounds like hell.

Ummm… im not pro nudity in the game

I’d only like those that make senses in lore.

Highly support. The war is over and should stay that way.

I’d like a bard. Sounds up my alley

Fel said it best.

The expectations you’re putting forth are way too high / demanding, and some of them outright do not make sense. This would be bad all around if Blizzard listened minus being able to hide pants and change the undergarments colorations.

You need to be a bit more realistic.

This doesn’t have to be done instantly, just because they seem like “high expectations”, if you stretch them out over a longer time period, you knock them out one by one.
We’re not asking for this now. We’re asking for this eventually.

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  1. Accountwide Rep.

  2. Accountwide currencies for cosmetic items like mounts and pets.

  3. Rare drop mounts tradeable.

  4. Toggle for altered Dungeons like UBRS and VC.

  5. Chromie allowing us to quest in zones pre or post Cataclysm.

  6. Last names or at the very least more characters in our name.

  7. Updating of holidays.

  8. Updating of Garrisons.

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I really wish that I could write better because I certainly did not intend in any way to come across as demanding. These are simply several additions which I would love to see in the game. They would make me happy; that is all I intend, and I do not wish to put pressure on anyone.

I am sorry that you feel that some of the requests do not make sense. Your opinion is just as valid as mine and I can respect that feeling.

Again, I wish I could write better so my tone and everything would be more clear. I am sorry for any confusion. :frowning:

  1. Drop me Galleon
  2. Ogres

Done. Perfect game 10/10 would play again.

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Oh yes, ogres! They should definitely be in the game. I am a little terrified to imagine a female ogre, but what must be done must be done!