The last of his tribe

The Forth War had devastated Soniati’s tribe, losing most of his warbraves at its conclusion. They were meant to be the pride of both Thunderbluff and Thundertotem, and through his remembrance they will be regarded as nothing less. Family, friendship, tribesmenship, are the binds that kept his mind strong during his imprisonment within the Maw. Now, they are just whispers that visit him from time to time, reminding Soniati of what could be again. The last of the Oathsworn, torn tabard, and all. The once great warchieftain searches desperately for his lost tribesmen, and to rebuild the banner of the Oathsworn. For hearth, for herd, and for the Horde.


Showing support to fellow guilds! Cant wait to see yall at rp events, and server events!

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