<The Last Haven> is recruiting for patch 10.2!

Hello fellow Dalaran-ians! :sunglasses:

is looking for more players to both add to our raid team and M+ runs!

Who are we? :thinking:
The Last Haven is a casual AotC guild made up of adults with busy lives, and those lives come first, but we all joined this guild to make new friends and tackle Dragonflight’s content together! Our raid nights are fun and filled with jokes, but also serious when they need to be. You’ll find a good chunk of people online on off-nights running M+ as a good few of our members like pushing 20s. We have our alt-aholics, our pvp-ers, our loud members, our quiet folks. We’re a pretty diverse group, but I think the one thing that brings us all together is we all found companionship within the guild. So if you’re looking for a group of friends, you’ll find that here.

What are we looking for? :face_with_monocle:
Our raid team is looking for a few more DPS. No preference on class/spec. Just come playing what you love.

If you are not looking to raid though and are still looking for a friendly group of people to join, we are looking for that too!

What kind of content do we do? :open_mouth:

:shield: Raids :shield: - Our raid times are Tuesdays and Thursdays 9PM-11PM EST. Our group’s main focus is normal → heroic with AotC. We’ll usually go back and get the raid achievements, run alt raids, or maybe some mythic bosses once we finish AotC.

:bow_and_arrow: Mythic + :bow_and_arrow: - Many of our players love running M+ keys during non-raid nights! We have members who enjoy more casual keys and those who enjoy pushing high keys.

:speech_balloon: Casual content :speech_balloon: - Lets be honest, many of us are busy adults with kids and work and IRL stuff, but we all like to play this game with others. So we are also looking to recruit casual players who just want to go explore the world with friends, group up and enjoy some easy dungeon runs, complete achievements, and collect mounts.

:mega: Communication :mega:
Discord is our main method of communication, so if you are able and willing to join us online we would love that!
If the Last Haven sounds like the type of guild you would be interested in joining, then please feel free to reach out to me! The best way method of contact would be via discord (My discord ID: axilprime). You can also reach out to our other guild leader, Sweetnicks (His discord ID: sweetnick).

Thanks so much for reading my post and see y’all on the Dragon Isles! :dragon:

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I am reaching out on Discord! Sounds like a guild right what I am looking for. I took some time off since earlier this year and just came back and happy I did. I am def a casual but push some mythics and raids. Releveled a Pally from 10-70 and love it! Playing catch up as this new alt is now my main.

I am xeroxelence on Discord

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I sent a Discord Friend Request to “axilprime” because knowing how to send a non-friended message was… not something I could sort. I’ve got a group here looking to join a larger established guild.

Thanks for your time and feel free to reach out!