The lack of attention is starting to hurt

We are far past the point of people zoom zooming along. Anyone who isnt at 60 right now and has atleast a few pre bis pieces are the ones who went extremely slow.

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That’s perfectly fine, but as someone in Full epics minus, one or two obtainable items, i still find PLENTY to dink around with in game. That’s 33 days played, with 18 of them at level. I took my time leveling.

You wanted classic, you got classic. There were many more bugs in vanilla, classic is great in comparison. You think you do, but you don’t.


Which is good, if you enjoy mindlessly finding things to do. Grinding for gold for instance, is something to do, not fun but it can be considered an activity. That doesn’t mean theres lots to do at endgame though.

Troll response is a troll response. There are many instances where spell batching, something blizzard brought into the game, is causing bugs. Rogues vanish/blind/stuns, just an example of things from my own class.

The response to spell batching was overwhelmingly positive. Just because YOU don’t want it, doesn’t mean others agree with you. Some people wanted vanilla, and to me it sounds like you wanted vanilla with chocolate swirls.


It was “positive” because people din’t understand how TERRIBLE it is. lol

Oh right, and you know better right? It’s really so hard for you to fathom that people disagree with you?

No, disagreement is perfectly fine, however, none of your responses are remotely close to any form of argument as your entire foundation lays on “you think you do, but you don’t” in totally irrelevant topics.

What “fixes” are you expecting? I think this version of AV is an abomination, but I also think it’s the only one we’re going to get. You shouldn’t have to “justify” playing a game. If you aren’t enjoying it, quit?

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Why people keep complaining to Blizzard when they won’t respond unless they decide to is beyond me. Either play the game or not. Why keep torturing yourselves. So many beautiful games out there. When I get tired of one game I move onto the next. Merry Christmas

Classic boosted subs a lot, but it’s nowhere near the 11 million or so subs we had in WotLK. Classic brought in the most new subs in a certain time period, which is impressive, but a very different metric.

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look at this apologist… this idiot obviously never played original AV only the AV released before TBC

Every problem can be solved by releasing the better versions of the game, Classic BC and Classic WOTLK.

Get on it Blizz.

I think the big problem is some abilities are not prioritized properly (vanish, stealth, gouge) and don’t drop target appropriately etc, allowing really odd / dumb things to happen.

For example, I ambushed someone who stealthed, the ambush crit and awarded the combo points, however no damage was dealt. Things like that.

I feel bad for any rogue i PvP against when i see them vanish, lose target, but my auto attack still goes through and pulls them out of vanish 2 seconds later.

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It’s been fifteen years.

You’d think that people would have picked up some concept of how major company communication works by now.

(Kaivax can post “happy holidays” on their own, they don’t need to check it with any developer or other team. They can’t post “we know and we’re working on it” without getting a response from the team who’s working on it, which will take time away from them working on it, and that’s even in the best case where they’re in the office working on it and somehow also checking their email.)


If I were a blizz dev, I wouldn’t come here either.

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horrible, HORRIBLE excuse. It takes 5 seconds to pop into a room and be like “Hey man, someone brought up this, any info i can give them?” “Yeah sure, we’re aware, but can’t fix it due to blah blah” So do NOT try to say it “takes time from them to fix the problem” when they have people who’s entire job is to relay information to the community, AKA community managers.

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