The killer bunnies - casual AOTC guild recruiting!

Hello Stormrage! The killer bunnies is a long standing guild from a dead server (duskwood) who managed to keep the guild alive among dwindling population and life’s obstacles. Our guild went from 30 raiders to 12 over the past 3 expansions, and we decided to make the move to Stormrage and start again. We have a core 12 and are seeking more to join us as we progress Heroic Amirdrassil!

The guild is mostly made up of people with families, so we try and limit the time we raid to give everyone plenty of flexibility. We raid Tuesday and Wenesday 815-1030pm eastern time. This means we like everyone to come prepared on raid nights because we have limited time. But we also stress that this game is about being with your guild having fun, and downing bosses is just the cherry on top. We get the whole group laughing on raid nights.

Some of us are former mythic, or try hard heroic raiders who had families and had to cut back on gaming. We have several people who get KSM each season and push keys (not huge but we do 18-19s) on a weekly basis. And I always try and get a bunch of 11-15 keys in for gearing alts and catching people up. Fridays are usually big push nights for M+ and we have several people who get those last minute keys in on Sunday and Monday nights.

Currently we really need ranged DPS and any DPS with a healing off spec or healer who can DPS until we fill out some more DPS spots and they can heal full time. We have flexibility in almost any spot except tank, those are locked up right now.

Please hit me up on Bnet at Badfish#11397 if you feel like this is a spot for you!

It sounds like the environment I am looking for. Unfortunately, I play melee classes. Ret Pally, warrior, enhance sham and DH. I would like to chat more about the possibility. My BT is Blood#1210


We have a cross realm community group also - for anyone who is off server and want’s to hang out.

Havoc DH, 482, 9/9H - am interested. Kamaerra#1407

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Still looking for more great people to join the family!

We need some more good people for the fam! Come join the fun at TKB!

Still looking for great people to join us!

Calling all DPS, we need a few warm bodies, I mean FRIENDS to join us!

If you are a healer or healer/dps hybrid we are growing and have a spot!

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Who doesn’t like to die in fun and interesting ways?

We are cross faction too!

Still looking for good people to join us!

Need an ele/resto shammy? Looking to ele keys and resto raid

Added you on bnet looking forward to talk about joining your guild.

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Sent Bnet friend request.

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Absolutely, we have plenty of opportunities, and we have quite a few officers who dual role to fill in certain positions.

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Hi there! I sent a bnet request (Kovo#1606) - I am a returning player and your guild appears to be a great fit for my life. I have raided with pally (holy/tank), priest (disc), hunter, druid (heal/tank), and lock over multiple expansions since BC. Look forward to chatting.

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We are 8/9 Amirdrassil now and with over a month left we will restart clearing with any new folks and some of our alts. This way its challenging and you have the satisfaction of doing it as a team.

We still have available spots!

Good Morning, What classes and specs are you currently missing for your raid team?

Hi Ghósteýez,

I am sorry it has been so long for a response - I have been buried in work - Badfish had to go on a business trip too. We are pretty open on our raid team - we are looking for DPS but if you prefer heals we can always see who is open to flexing - we just got AOTC today and plan to be back in next week to get it for those who missed out so if you would like to chat more you can reach me at Anaranae#3307 in Discord :slight_smile:

I hope to hear from you :slight_smile: