The Horde will never change without punishments

the kaldorei aren’t something that can’t be wrong

every race on azeroth has it’s myths, some true some false
since we don’t actually have established lore on elune but merely myths that the kaldorei believed making any judgement of her motives, power or even if she’s really there is fairly pointless

old gods have fooled people before, including the elves.

Saurfang lost his honor, his home world, his son, his life, and even his appetite. What more can an orc give?

Ok, I think we’ve exhausted anything resembling any sort of conversation based on extrapolating actual canonical references…but hey:

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We did not stop Arthas when Purgo Lordaeron why doing so would condemn Azherot to be destroyed, we let him kill thousands and that case exterminate the High elves.

but it had to happen, only for Illidan I would get the skull of Guldan

Safeguarding the future sometimes requires painful decisions,and it is more painful if you have to throw the Threads.

alright, give proof that it is elune’s guidance and assistance, bearing in mind that her primary priestess believes that elune abandoned her and the elves.

Here’s a great place to try this stuff out:

He is the one who deserves forgiveness but the horde as a whole does not yet earn that forgiveness.

The blood of a single Orc does not cleanse the crimes of an entire Horde.

you’re the one saying it’s def elune

even though according to most of what we know of elune she seeks peace and tyrande has gone to the “we’ll kill the horde no matter what” path
and believes elune is gone

so again, what proof do you have it is elune?

Elune I abandon them when I needed her she needs to know the reason for this.
Why did he allow Sylvanas to do what he did?

There are two probabilities.
The goddess earns something with that.

or simply the goddess can’t see what Sylvanas does.

She can be a piece that she can’t move.

Since it is from another player.

Suppose that in order to kill Death I need it to manifest itself to be mortal and to come out.

Instead of leaving preza I could let escape.

That would solve why the Souls of the Elves did not go with her.

She decided to sacrifice pieces to expose the king.

If to save everyone’s souls the future I have to let thousands be debited in the present
what I do?

How do I bring the soulbearer within my reach?

god can’t both abandon you and give you immense power
the entire night warrior thing is that most that try die, meaning either it’s something that is

  1. genetic
  2. chosen by whoever it is
  3. entirely unrelated to anything and is just drawing power and “belief” that it’s a blessing

the night warrior ritual under the kaldorei is seen as #2

but that’s a good question, given that the kaldorei have myths and legends that are supposedly “historical” accounts, why didn’t she empower the defenders?

but she would be able to see the horde as a whole, and even if she couldn’t see the exact actions the overarching theme would be present from movements and actors on the field that aren’t the forsaken

none of this requires allowing the mass murder that transpired,
as even the night warrior ritual was completed in the past…and beyond that elune has empowered warriors before

if elven myths are to be believed all of this was easily within her power

it doesn’t expose anything, everything that the night elves gained in terms of power from this would’ve been better achieved by not slaughtering people

unless her motive was to “motivate” one person into a hunt by allowing thousands to die…in which case elune would be as bad as sylvanas

haha probably not, but it’d be fun to see some elune being powerless or tying it into the legion titans coming back nonsense

what tyrande is after very much fits what the old gods would do/want
chaos and destruction over peace even when the arm is extended and reforms are being made to ensure that it stays that way

from what the elves claim of elune that isn’t what she’d go for, peace is paramount and if it can be attained is always the thing one is meant to strive for

He is a god if to save millions of millions he needs to sacrifice thousands, he will.

It is not that the gods in mythologies and beliefs do not do things like that.

Again, my dude, that’s just your fan fiction. For now.

elune is a she, and it’s not needed

literally anything about what’s going on is fan fiction, even elune empowering tyrande is fan fix as it currently stands as she is claiming that elune abandoned them


You think that she is like the Christian God but is more like an Olympic god

His power is great but not total.

it’s one of the few concrete things we know about elune, nearly everything else is guesswork but it’s def a she
we don’t know her nature, her motives, what exactly she is, if she’s even active still, what her powers are, if she’s ever genuinely helped the elves

but we do know it’s a she atleast, and that’s…something i guess

She exists and can do things like this.

You can’t bring people back or things like that.

no one said she didn’t exist?

we also have no idea what exactly went down there, if elune is indeed related to the titans in some way that could very well be a safeguard system

if it was someone else? sure maybe…but since we don’t know who or what elune is at current Ysera being collected may have everything to do with her being an aspect at one point and her death being programmed to be collected and reused (or safeguarded, or any number of things)

it’s not an indication of much because we really don’t know alot of anything that’s been going on

It is not its existence the subject is the scope of its power.

ha ok.