The Greater Demons in the Twisting Nether

Question for you all. I remember reading somewhere, I believe in the Warlock Order Hall, about ancient demons so powerful not even the Legion would summon them. Is this true? And if so what sources for this is there? I’d like to do some more research into this lil lore nugget.

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Indeed it’s true! There are demons so powerful the Burning Legion were like NOPE we are not playing around with those guys. Unfortunately we will likely never meet them.

We’ll most likely see them when we get the next Demon-related expansion.

There is that rumor (can’t remember which prominent WoW youtuber discussed it on their channel) that the Pantheons of Light and Void killed the Pantheon of Disorder (Fel) (which is what caused the Twisting Nether to explode/leak into the mortal/physical universe), which could be an interesting story point later on and could involve some of those super powerful “forbidden” demons.


Might be a fun lead up to some lovecraftian or cosmic-horroresque themes. I have no doubt that we will probably encounter these demons somewhere later down the line. We have already murder-hoboed must of the big bads in the established lore, so Blizzard kind of has no choice but to write up some new ones.

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I hope we can revisit the “demons” of warcraft and add some mystery and horror to them.

Personally when they showed up as space invaders a lot of the magic and wonder of demons was kind of lost.

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Its true. Also seems that we’re heading into Cosmological Domain based enemies and expansions. Death, Void, and the Light of course have already had clear tie-ins to this, but the Fel’s true denizens could easily be on that roster.


Well…someone should look to cutting them loose.