The great vault is invisible

any ETA? Besides “Soon” To Blizzard that could be a month.

I have four toons with 12 Vault rewards each week and I seldom remember the numbers of the keys I completed, especially the tenth one. And I check The Vault on Monday nights.


hahahahahahahahahahahaha :joy:

If you complete M+15 last week, it means the vault should reward us ilevel 226. But with the new patch, it should reward us gear higher than ilevel 226? It must be good.

Come Blizz, give me ilevel 250 on my first day on 9.1.

BTW, Icy Veins says completing M+15 on Season 2 rewards ilevel 252 from the Vault. Wild guess is that I am getting ilevel 252 when the Vault comes back. And it would be GREAT. Cross my fingers.

ummmm NO!!!

It’s been 2 hours. That isn’t soon. Whole game is in the dumpster though so might as well throw the great vault in there too. Awesome work on this absolute dumpster patch.

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The great vault is dropping Invincible???


I have 6 level 60 toons. Sometimes I am just collecting their vaults and forgot what they did for the week if it’s a lesser played alt. I generally do about 10 mythic+'s a week on my top 3 toons and 1-4 on my lesser alt toons.

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I can’t even be mad.


dont worry i got a item way lower than it should have been guess i wont be getting the right item level loot from the vault this week

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Overheard between two brokers just before reset…

Interesting. The Great Vault has responded to the mortals.

The mortals place such value on it, yet we cannot access it. They come in cycles, some cursing its existence in the same breath as cheering its contents.

It appears there would be profit to be made in securing it, would there not?


Perhaps if the mortals were properly… incentivised… they could assist us in procuring its contents.

What do you propose?

I have observed that just before the cycle of the mortals swarming the vault, there is an eerie silence across all of Oribos. I have also noticed that the Great Vault does not appear to be secured to Oribos’ architecture.

Ah, I see. Tasavesh then?

As you say, indeed.


As you may have seen in WoW Breaking News, we’re going to do realm restarts for all realms in this region at 7:00 a.m. PDT.

We expect the fixed Great Vault to return when realms come back up.

Thank you for your patience!

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I expect interest on my x3 Stygia, Blizzard!


Sweet. Honestly I get excited for the vault. I am very very slowly progressing in mythic levels. :joy: I think I need to look into raiding this patch!

Yes, the development team is working hard to ensure these gamebreaking bugs are taken care of. They know how valuable we as players are.

Just to put my two cents in… I am not expecting everything to be perfect but if you’re going to take the time to allow people to test and report bugs then maybe actually take it seriously when they test and make reports. The issue with the great vault was warned about to devs and look where were at… dealing with a problem LIVE that could have been prevented…and this is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s almost feels like blizz/acti is ACTIVELY sabotaging their own game… It almost feels like they sat down and said… you know… the players complained to us for an entire expansion about that whole tol’dagor mess… why don’t we make an entire expansion centered around that same frustrating experience? Because while I would love to give them the benefit of the doubt, I find it hard to considering they are made aware of potential issues and turn a blind eye to the reports…

Well it has been well over the designated time for when this should have been fixed and all realms are still down. hard reset really means hard reset…
You can say Thanks for your patience but I echo Pachamama: You KNEW about this issue well in advance and did nothing and now we see the results. Just for the Great Vault it is taking nearly a full 2 days to reset the entire system. #GetItTogetherBlizz

I still have the wrong loot in the vault after the servers came back up. Vault pieces are 213 and should be 226.

me too same ilevel!

Same issue here, what was “fixed?”