The great vault is invisible

What will you do for toons that accidentally got a reward from the vault and then realized they got robbed because the item levels offered were not the right ones…?

I don’t think that’s correct. I think the content draught in Warlords was longer.

7 months, 8 months, it’s all the same really.

Depends. 6.2 (end of wod) was the longest patch in the history of wow at a staggering 15 months.

9.0 is the longest opening patch in the history of wow, at a less impressive but no less staggering 7 months.

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How terrible that players are being inconvenienced less. I’m sure Blizzard will get right on fixing this bug first.

Help!!! The Great Vault is Missing! Somebody stole it.

It’s a 9.1 story, right? Sylvanas and Jailer stole the Great Vault. It’s up to players to recover it.

how do you accidentally not check the ilvl on the reward before you claim it

Nicolas Cage has stolen the Great Vault…

by not having logged in for several weeks maybe even over a month and not remember the level of the last key I did.

Though to be fair, I still haven’t logged into retail, so I didn’t have this issue.

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if you haven’t logged in once in the last month, it doesn’t seem like getting a 220 vs 226 reward would be that big a deal considering new gear is coming?

I mean, I think that point holds up even if you logged in yesterday doesn’t it?

It’s almost as if new coding causes old coding to bug sometimes. Test servers aren’t live servers. Things can easily go wrong on live servers that couldn’t be recreated on a test server.

Bugs will happen. They always do. At least they fix them as soon as they can, unlike some MMOs, where you wait months for things to get fixed.

They would, but then you have responses like some of the ones in here and it shows why they don’t communicate here.


Ion and the devs are putting out a fine product. I’m not sure what much else there is to say other than the upper echelons of Activision making things harder than they need to be. Otherwise, Ion and the devs are doing great work.

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Yes! They have top men working on it right now!

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Would be nice if i could even play the beginning of the patch in ardenweld. I can’t even cast abilities and have died multiple times. Sure would be cool if blizzard actually looked at sub data and prepared for launches. I can’t think of a launch that ever went smooth with Blizzard at the helm of the ship. Like seriously. Did ya’ll just move most of your equipment over to Burning Crusade Classic to have that run better and just ignore retail? what’s even the point. No wonder ya’ll losing to Final Fantasy.

The only thing wrong is unreasonable player expectations.

yes, i guess in theory you could be running so many different keys on so many characters every week that you forget which ones you have a 226 reward coming from and which ones you capped out at 213 on. i hadn’t thought of that!

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No I mean, that even if you did a +15 yesterday on your main, the gear from the vault today is going to make so little a difference what does it matter

Yes, the development team is working hard to ensure these gamebreaking bugs are taken care of. They know how valuable we as players are.

spawns a 226 intellect dagger

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They have top men working on it. Top…men…