The GDKP Workaround

That’s not how rules work. GSR doesn’t break the rules.

Sentenza, this is 100% accurate.

Everyone else: how do you think they operate? Just on player word?

Put in a ticket that says I paid 1000 gold for a trinket on that AH and it never got sent in the mail.

They are able to look up if you bought the trinket.
They are able to look up what the trinket was.
They are able to see you sent 1000 gold and to whom.
They are able to see if it was mailed to you.
They are able to see if you equipped it, DE’d it or sent it to someone else.
They can see all of these things and more.

The system literally keeps a database of everything you do. How do you think they know what quests you’ve completed or how they are able to recover accidently deleted items?

I remember back in original TBC days, one of the NPC’s somehow got messed up and was giving away honor gear for like 1 honor point. People who took advantage of it had it all taken away? How did they know who took advantage of it? It is logged/tracked in a database.

i dunno man, looks like it to me:

Yea this doesn’t happen in GSR.

still can’t understand what up to means huh?

let’s break it down.

  1. what does the gold do?

  2. where does the gold go?

  3. what happens when the GSR item drops?

  4. looks like:

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all of this is true, they have the ability to track everything, but to actually ban accounts based on this is going to take an insane amount of resources, do they have those? ofc they do not, its an automated system, no human will be looking at any of these reports

I’m willing to bet it violates the policy. You seem willing to bet it doesn’t. If I lose this bet nothing happens. If you lose this bet you get a time out. I like my odds better.


Keep telling yourself that, friend.

Thanks for the link, Crunch.

GSR doesn’t exchange any items for gold at all. It’s a system where people can purchase up to 10 soft reserves. No gold is exchanged in or outside of the raid directly for loot.


I forgot to clarify I’m not getting in the middle of your all’s argument, just linking links etc for you two to work it out.

semantics! gms will ban you two ways:

  1. it’s a gdkp because a chance at a thing is a thing; OR

  2. it’s a gdkp because you ultimately traded an item for gold.

my friend, this is WoW on feb 8. are u ready?

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That’s not what the rules say. Cry about it. GSR is completely legal. GDKp and Carries are not.

I liked the idea of being able to get items my normal raid group would be prioing to other classes.

I’d also like to curse at the few anti-gdpers who enjoy being stuck up snobs that want to dictate who is allowed to roll on what items, which is a minority ofc. but still bears being said.

I look forward to you testing that theory. Personally I’d ask on the forums for clarification before risking it though. Question, who ends up with the gold at the end of a GSR?

well technically dude none of this is illegal. it’s just breach of contract.

and at any rate i hope the rest of the gdkp lemmings agree with you because good riddance over this idea you have of a hilariously bad loot system. pay for a chance to roll on something that might drop? cmon man just make 9 other friends and start a loot council…

“including suspension and account closure”

soo…if you are suspended they obviously aren’t closing your account at the same time are they?

the punishment is 100% identical to the gold buying one, which is exactly the same, which is

“buy gold once and we ban you for 7 days”

this is a slap on the wrist

It was my fault but I forgot to stick that at the end that the intention is linking so you two can figure out.

And you asking:

That’s up to blizzard on what they do. I’ve heard of boosters in retail where it would start as a slap then it would get to they were getting perma banned and or 6 month suspended. Just by 2 cents. It’s blizz’s discression (I can’t spell that) so whatever they want to do is what they are gonna do.

We don’t know.

yes because i’m sure blizzard can’t tell you just traded a big sum of gold for a BoP item from a raid. blizzard has literally no way to track trades because they don’t take place in game you are totally right