The Game Mechanics Don't Jive

Currently playing a lvl 31 Void Elf Demon Lock.

I’ve been playing WoW since beta and have always waited while leveling to go to new content, sort of old school leveling. However, even though players can now that you can skip the BS and go straight to BoA at level ten, they can’t enchant or make wearable gear because the Devs forgot to update professions.

The quest rewards, whether you’re 10 or 50, are still the same within the game mechanics of Battle of Azeroth. However, the item level is so low that any enchants or gear are unusable because all BoA enchants require 141 ilvl gear to work and gear which you can make if you have the mats you can’t equip until level 45 and at that level what’s the point.

One more thing, dungeons. After completing a zone, you are given a special dungeon quest that fully completes the zone. However, unlike previous expansions, you can get the quest but can’t complete it because the game mechanics don’t jive with the updated gameplay. Oh, you can get the quest, but you can’t do what is required for it because the Dungeon Group Finder doesn’t allow you to find groups for dungeons higher than that of your current level. So my question is what’s the point of allowing players to play in zones but not allow them the ability complete them until endgame?