The Future of World Buffs in Classic Era

Imagine having the players make a choice themselves about “playing optimally in an obviously flawed game”.
Catering to the Wbuff meta instead of having players find out themselves that wbuffs only force you to raid log if you want to do that. Not because you have to. If you go into the raid unbuffed you will clear it just fine too. If someone wants to raid log a week for DMF buff, then let that stupidity play itself out. No… what does modern blizz do: They actually make it easier to get more players into the raid fully buffed, trivializing the content even further. Taking away another “choice” (Which is to get wbuff or not to get em) in the game.
And all of this 1-2 months before prepatch, without any fresh classic servers in sight.


The real joke is that GMs get DMT first


Fair enough, but I raise you this question, why the alterations to TBC then? The paladin changes made sense, but well that other thing seems a bit contentious.

Pro tip – release your big announcements 2 days before April fools, that way if the community hates it you can backpedal. Fortunately we love it, so DONT YOU DARE BE JOKING.


Can you do this? An option that can keep players doing raids with world buffs and an option to raid without world buffs. So far as you can see players are forced to get world buffs or they lose 1000g from pot in gdkp. It’s not an option. We are forced.

Here is proof

Thank you Pazorax

Great change that would have made the game a lot more enjoyable if added a long time ago.


Wont classic era realms still run out of consistent buffs to drop? It doesn’t solve that future problem

Can you clarify for me, using the Chronoboon to store buffs will remove your current world buffs? I’m guessing that’s correct but can’t tell 100% from your post if buffs get removed from the player when you store them.



just wanna know: why why why why?

Should allow a snapshot of a black lotus before a bot gets too. It’s a buff right?


Devs never got a juicy triple of DMT into Yi heart drop then port to org/stormwind

You’re choosing to do GDKP’s that expect world buffs. You aren’t being forced by anyone but yourself.


If you’re in any degree of raiding guild, the choice does not exist. World buff or don’t attend.

At least with this change, players will be able to get their world buffs prepared ahead of raid (Akin to flasks and pots) and then enjoy playing their characters instead of being forced to raid log.


It’s not a choice if ALL of them are with World Buffs.

Which GM did Slipperypete gank in Org?


He’s not. We’re reporting you for spamming.


So don’t do GDKP’s. There are plenty of guilds on Arugal that don’t expect World Buffs.

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That’s correct. You use the Chronoboon Displacer, and it removes them from you, storing their remaining durations in a new aura, and prevents you from benefitting from any of the buff that are currently stored. The idea being, if it didn’t do that, you’d just get double buffs, and still have to log out to save the second set.

In addition the “Supercharged Chronoboon Displacer” is unique, so you can only be storing one set of buffs at a time, but the “Chronoboon Displacer” is not unique, so you can stock up on them ahead of time, so you aren’t required to make a trip out to Andorhal every week.


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