The Future of World Buffs in Classic Era

If you’re in any degree of raiding guild, the choice does not exist. World buff or don’t attend.

At least with this change, players will be able to get their world buffs prepared ahead of raid (Akin to flasks and pots) and then enjoy playing their characters instead of being forced to raid log.


It’s not a choice if ALL of them are with World Buffs.

Which GM did Slipperypete gank in Org?


He’s not. We’re reporting you for spamming.


So don’t do GDKP’s. There are plenty of guilds on Arugal that don’t expect World Buffs.

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That’s correct. You use the Chronoboon Displacer, and it removes them from you, storing their remaining durations in a new aura, and prevents you from benefitting from any of the buff that are currently stored. The idea being, if it didn’t do that, you’d just get double buffs, and still have to log out to save the second set.

In addition the “Supercharged Chronoboon Displacer” is unique, so you can only be storing one set of buffs at a time, but the “Chronoboon Displacer” is not unique, so you can stock up on them ahead of time, so you aren’t required to make a trip out to Andorhal every week.


Someone ban Psyq for spamming lol


Just remove World Buffs in raids entirely. Stop trying to find clever workarounds.

They completely trivialize content that is already ridiculously easy. Fresh Classic servers without the World Buff meta would be a godsend.


i am in a raiding guild, 15/15. People get buffs in there too, i do so too, but to claim its like some mandatory god given thing. We clear KT/Sapph without wbuffs usually since time/death. But to call it “mandatory” is dumb. And making a way to have everyone have em, reducing the risk of losing em, is also dumb. Specially considering the game has vastly bigger problems than just the Wbuff meta, and for some reason they find it important to bring this change to the game about 2 months before people will care even less than they already do.

And again you are not forced to log. You want to log because you like to see those parses and everyone in the same raid forces you too. Its laughable.


Can we expect to see this patch implemented on live servers before the TBC Classic pre-patch goes live? This and the removal of spell batching cannot come soon enough.

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That question is above their paygrade, mate. We all want the answer, but stop spamming about it. Information like that can cost the company a lot of money.

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no why? its a legitimate question.

better late than never i suppose

Can you please also make Dire Maul Tribute buffs and Felwood Songflower buffs Physical categories like all the other world buffs? a.k.a non-dispellable.


It’s not relevant to the topic, and isn’t taking the hint when being marked as spam.

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That’s a solid point. It really depends how many players stick around in classic. They’ll obviously have to combine dying realms, but no one knows for sure how populated they’ll be.

You’re spamming off-topic BS. That’s why ppl are flagging you (myself included)


It is not a legitimate question, this is a WoW Classic board not TBC, might as well ask about patch 9.1 while you’re at it.

I’ve waited for this moment for too long.


It’s very relevant when the days of #nochanges are leaving us.