The Forgotten Heir

The mob you are supposed to slay in the final leg of this quest is bugged. Torvald is a gold elite and is way stronger than his counterparts in the other legs of this quest chain. The others do normal dps, where as Torvald one shots my lv 47 ret paladin constantly.


Went there today and he’s Level 60
Kinda like the Bradensbrook 60s that happened on and off
Again lost in the weeds with squish/shadowlands upgrade, Blizz needs to fix another max level character bugg…


Oh thank god it’s something already reported on. I just started playing again after several years break (it was like a week or two after we could go to Argus) and a BUNCH of random points in quests lately have had ungodly strong, one-shot-kill mobs.

Currently working on Torvalds as his health doesn’t seem to reset and I can keep phasing in and out to recover health.

Most of my spells keep missing so only at 89% as of this posting. Wish me luck! Gonna take forever.:rofl:

Edit: Eventually reset.:pleading_face:

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Still bugged as of 3/27/2022.

Get on this, Blizz!

Still bugged April 1st 2022. I can’t complete the class hall campaign or get the paladin mounts with out this quest. I have submitted a bug report as well.

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So if this mob is level 60 and you aren’t going to fix/adjust it why are you making it available to a lvl 50 toon trying to finish their legion quests?.. i ran into the same problem on my DH i can’t finish her campaign in legion either because one of her quests are for lvl 60 mobs in Azshara… Wanted to finish my Locks Campaign before going to shadowlands -.- with quests from old content…

My level 45 warlock couldn’t even start her class hall because the artifact quest required her go past some mobs in a tight hallway by using Demonic gateway, which she doesn’t get until level 49.

Still bugged as of 14 April 2022. I’m playing a level 58 rogue with a gear level of 132. I know it isn’t the best gear level, but I should be able to withstand more than a hit from Torvald, Agatha, and the others. I’m actually nervous about bringing my toons that haven’t started Legion up. Maybe I’ll have to skip it and spend more time in Kul Tiras.

Still bugged 5/2/22 I’m on my lvl 50 warlock. Everyone else I could kill in one or two hits. He’s just killing me in one hit. Gold Elite Skull


This is still bugged for my lvl 60 pali. I am trying to go back and get my class mount. I die in about 4 hits. I really hope this eventually gets fixed.

You don’t have to complete this step in Ret. Pick a sword and board and tank it. I did this when I came back on my fresh lvl 60 ret and it wasn’t as difficult to finish that way. Good luck :).

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Still bugged, come on Blizzard! This is blocking the class campaign for my Shaman. It also doesn’t help that you can’t have a friend or someone else help out with this quest.

It is still bugged. I would be nice if Blizz took a look at it…

Still bugged as of 05/26/22.

Blizz you need to get on this as it’s preventing people from completing class hall and campaign quests.