The Farstrider Network Discord Server

Awesome! I look forward to interacting with your Farstrider character! :smiley:

Also wanted to mention I am sorry I haven’t been in contact with anyone the last two days, I am fighting a nasty sinus infection right now. Looking forward to feeling better so I can help get projects moving with folks. salute

Don’t want this post to get lost in the shuffle. We have a fun community in the works. If you’re a blood elf, you don’t have to be a Farstrider to join - but we are looking primarily for Farstriders. Nightborne are welcome as well!

The Farstrider Network is not just for Farstriders alone. While it is our main focus - we are very interested in gathering more blood elf players together to do events with, chit-chat with, etc.

I am working on a meet and greet RP event in the upcoming weeks. We just want to gather more people to make it spectacular!

For the sake of not wanting to get this post to get lost in the shuffle, I’ll add my two cents - the Farstrider Network is a fantastic group, and I’m so honored to be a part of it. We don’t just allow Farstriders, and are looking to expand our little community. We would love to have you! Feel free to reach out to Asharri or myself if you find yourself interested or in need of more information.

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Good morning, WrA! Our network is still growing and we are looking for more blood elves - particularly Farstriders, to join our network.

I just want to reiterate that we are not a group OOCly led by any one player or a few. This is a collaborative effort among many who are looking for other players to talk all things Farstrider and Blood Elf matters, strike up RP with one another, and more. We would love to host an in-game RP meet and greet with the more interested players who join our community network to get things going.

For those who find it difficult to get in game for RP, we have RP discord channels within our server and are currently working on a webpage for those who prefer forum RP, would like to share their character dossiers, and more! Our goal is to build a community of fellow blood elf roleplayers (again, mostly Farstriders) and just have fun!

You can contact myself or Telirine in-game for inquiries about discord invites, and we do have an in-game community (not a guild) called The Farstrider Network players can join. We hope to see you there!

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Hello again!

I’m logging into the game now to send you in-game mail so I can join your Network and hopefully get an invite to the discord channel.

I also have an idea we could maybe all collaborate on? For a RP event/holiday that could happen mid-march.

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Count me in, I’ll send in-game mail as I haven’t quite caught anyone in-game yet :slight_smile:

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That sounds like fun. I am sorry I haven’t been online often, as I have been pretty sick still and trying to kick it’s butt as quickly as I can. I will be sure to toss discord invite links and my discord info into in-game mail once I am able to get in game again finally.

And I will do the same for you with the in-game mail with discord info provided once I am able!

Looking forward to interacting with you both!


Hi all, we are still here and kicking! February was a pretty rotten month with illnesses and other things, but we got some things starting up soon and are still growing!

One of the exciting things is that we are currently working on a webpage to make ease of access and establishing connections simpler with Farstriders and other blood elf OCs. Among other fun things that won’t get lost in the shuffle of discord!

The Farstrider Network now has a webpage up and running!

  • Don’t want your character profile to get lost in the shuffle of Discord?

  • Have an event you want to advertise without worrying about the above as well?

  • Want a place to forum RP with other players when you can’t always get in-game or the like?

Come hang out with us on our web-page! There is a quick application just so we can place our members into their proper rankings, but we have a place for all blood elf roleplayers to join up.

This page was created with ease of access for all of our community members in mind.

Check us out at: farstrider-network .shivtr .com !

(Wouldn’t let me post the direct link, sorry for the spaces! ^^;)

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In the OP, you mentioned patrols. Do you ever do RP-PvP scenario events? Farstriders fighting Dwarves and/or Humans invading Quel’thalas would be fun.

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I don’t participate in RP-PvP myself, but I am sure there may be others in the Network who may be interested in it. Everyone makes their own events to what they would like to see - so it’s a pull your own weight, collab type of thing we like to foster in the community. So, I could definitely see some folks possibly interested in it - but I do know a few who aren’t fans of RP-PvP. It’s a mixed bag, I suppose.

Hey there! If you’d like me to add your Discord to the Community Discord Directory, just fill out the template below and send it my way on this thread, the directory thread, or over discord! (Shay#4167) Just keep the info brief in the template since there will be many discords in the listing! :smiley:


Discord Name:
Owners/Mods: (Please include at least one way to contact via Discord in case invite link doesn’t work.)
Invite Link:
Info: (Feel free to add a short description of the purpose of the discord/perks of it/anything you’d like others to know!)

Directory post:


Got it posted to the thread! Thanks so much. So happy to see that thread pinned and thank you for all your work on keeping it organized!

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I appreciate it, and thank you! It’s my pleasure! =)

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No problem! And please, no rush on getting us added to the thread. I know things are crazy right now for so many of us in today’s world events, so take care of you first. That’s the most important.

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Great group of people! Very welcoming : )

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We are still here and welcoming fellow Farstrider and other blood elf roleplayers into our network, but due to many of us being under stress and possibly dealing with the current virus going around under the radar, events may be spread thin. We still encourage anyone who would like to arrange events they want to see to do so and we will back you up 100%!

As of now, it’s a good place full of some good people to help relax from the woes of the world right now. :heart: Discord link? Check the pinned directory thread on the forums for our info!

Hello! We are still here and kicking around. Lots of busy folks and such with things going on around us in the world, but we still hope to find primarily more Farstriders and Blood Elf roleplayers who just want a place to hang out with each other.

Again, not ran like a guild where the responsibility of activity falls solely on mods and such - but collaborative, you get out of it what you put in. Also, it’s just fun to talk to other blood elf fans - especially those who are fans of the Farstriders.

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I need to poke my head into this discord one day. I’ve always been a fan of Farstrider rp.

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