The Extra 500 Tenders Was an Easy W

You can usually tell just by the author of a thread if it’s going to be a complaint, constructive, or positive thread.

There’s really no reason to always look for the negatives and complain about everything, it’s kinda crazy tbh.


This is true, it’s threads are either low key trolling or complaints.

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i got 600 at beginning, 400 when i was done. where’s the extra 500?

Yeah…it didn’t give me those 500 tenders when I completed it a couple of hours ago. All I got was this watch that no one will ever see.


Hi all –

I just wanted to clarify, the additional 500 Trader’s Tender is part of the rewards for the Trading Post Enthusiast achievement, which is completed by earning the Trading Post monthly bonus reward 12 times. An issue has been identified where this isn’t listed as one of the rewards for this achievement and is actively being looked into. Thank you for your patience.


Oh ok so that explains it. Thanks for the clarification!

So the devs did NOT, in fact, recognize the value problem they created by making a simple wrist watch the monthly reward? That doesn’t exactly fill me with excitement for future months …


I want tenders for doing it for 8 months!

I wondered why I had 1500 tenders when I finished the month and collected my chest instead of 1000, I figured it was some kind of this-month bonus from something.

We don’t know how things went down internally. The sudden appearance of the 500 tenders reeks almost like damage control, because it was never mentioned anywhere.

Perhaps you should also look into the bug that is affecting many of us where the achievement progress hasn’t been tracking correctly. I have completed 12 months but my achievement says 11/12, but I’m sure you’ll ignore this and pretend that the achievement is working fine.

Maybe you should read the bug report forum once in a while. There are hundreds if not thousands of unresolved bugs because you don’t read that forum.

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Thanks for the clarification, though I’m not exactly happy about it.

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Theyll probably make note of that.

still was short by 75 points to buy the 2nd mount. they need to increase the numbers to earn more. for the week. lots of xmog lost due to latch of tenders

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To be fair, the appropriate staff (of which Bornakk isn’t part of) do read the Bug Report forum, what they don’t do is respond there, generally. Which can make it look like nothing is being done, communication would be better, but that doesn’t mean that duck feet aren’t paddling under the surface of the water.

I’m sure they’re aware, are working on it, and once they have a fix they’ll roll out whether they need people to submit individual tickets or if they can just take care of it from their side. Bugs can be notoriously hard to pin down and fix without breaking something else, which doesn’t make it not-frustrating, but lashing out at people who are just trying to help and keep you in the loop isn’t going to make it happen any faster.


Should of been apart of the monthly reward not the achievement like that watch is just bad.

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Giving those tenders out for the 12 month achievement is fine, in my opinion. It’s a nice extra reward for sticking it out for that long. Even so, the watch was not enough. Just a couple hundred of tenders would have been nice to pair with it.


I find that hard to believe considering I’ve found reports of bugs from a few years ago that are still present in the game.


There have also been a ton of bugs there that are fixed now.

Bugs get prioritized by how many people they’re affecting and how gamebreaking they are. Some require a rework to the code of the whole game to get fixed, and those usually need to wait for the rollout of an entire patch or expansion. Some bugs they genuinely can’t replicate and they have no idea what’s going on. The Jingles pet from like, two Winter Veils ago was broken up until like earlier this year, it would summon as “Unknown” and you couldn’t use pet stones on it, and many don’t have the extra visual customization on them still to this day. It was frustrating and as an issue that affected me personally I was rabble-ey about it, but the plain fact of it was that it just wasn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things as they tried to fix other issues that would actually block game progress for people above a cosmetic reward.

It seems like there are a growing number of people coming forward to say that their yearly endcap reward is bugged, and that means that you guys have a better chance of getting your stuff looked at. But there was a persistent bug with people’s purchased transmog items disappearing from their collections for like the better part of a year that was just about impossible for them to nail down.

Being mad that there’s a bug doesn’t make the bug go away faster. It’s not a customer service issue, where they’re just not giving out something because of policy where you can escalate up to someone’s manager and get a different decision, it’s a technical thing that they may or may not be able to find the cause of and correct as quickly as people might want.

Absolutely keep up with bumps and reports in the Bug Report forum. If it was me, I’d take some additional steps to go around and have people compare and see if it shows as 11/12 for everyone or if some are less, if it shows the same number being off on all of your alts, or if people can identify any commonality like I think at one point you mentioned you had a problem last month getting your reward, if that’s a shared experience, to help them narrow down if there are common factors. Keep mentioning it on GD, even. Squeaky wheels get grease.

But snapping at CMs about stuff they’re not involved in and don’t control isn’t going to help you in any way.