<The Externals> fresh heroic raiding guild with aotc leadership looking for core members for weekday raiding

Are you looking for a guild that is welcoming, a fun environment while at the same time focuses on getting content down? Then The Externals on Hakkar is the home for you!

We are seeking core members to finish out our mythic 20 man comp and go hard into Sanctum of domination

We are a fresh guild but most of our members have aotc and keystone master. Currently we have 8 raiders.

Recruiting Status:

Tank - Full

Healer - Any

Range DPS - Any

Melee DPS - Any

We ask that all that are interested be at least 226 ilvl

We raid Tues/Wed 7-9pm CST

What we have to offer to you:

We have a fun, friendly environment that is built on having strong bonds with members. We truly believe that having a great raid groups starts with being able to have fun and joke around with your guild mates. We are willing to help anyone with mechanics and talk you through the fight.

If you are interested in joining our guild please message dm me on the ways provided below

Discord: Finasy#3381
Battle.net: ZerotoHero#11949

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