The Exchange: A public library of trading

Welcome to the Exchange! (I had a great picture I made for it but apparently, I can’t post links A trading post that seeks to allow transmutation without the need for gold supplements!

This guild’s sole purpose is to allow 1:1 or 2:1 trading for materials. Does your guild go out and farm a bunch of Spinefin and now need Silvergill instead for feasts?
A simple 200:200 trade with TheBanker-Durotan will allow you to exchange those over-stocked mats for other mats that are more in demand for your specific needs!

The intention here is to have a server-wide “public library” of materials. I ask that you use these mats that I trade in exchange. With server prices volatile (for the obvious 9.2 reason and the overall Durotan-Ysera marketplace volatility) I seek to bring the community together one piece at a time. This is one of the ways guilds can use a common-exchange ground to inadvertently help each other out while satisfying the needs of their guild bank.

The bank photo will be updated in our Durotan/Ysera community discord. Currently, the bank is in its startup phase so it is missing large quantities of materials. When the next patch comes out - and expansion furthermore - expect it to be well-stocked at this late in the expac.

You can message me here or TheBanker-Durotan in-game. If you’re part of the Horde Faction - we can set up a time to get in voice channel and do an auction-house trade to bypass the faction restrictions.

Because of the nature of Elysian Thade - it is a 1:2 ratio. Deathblossom is not accepted as payment - but if you have a surplus and want something else like inks etc that I have; I can find something to trade.