The Eternal Traveler Quest Removed

Since prepurchasing Shadowlands a couple days ago, I had begun The Eternal Traveler quest grind. As of yesterday, I had accumulated a total of 35 Echoes of Mortality, though today, upon logging in, both my progress and the quest itself seem to had removed themselves from my character. On top of that, the Wraithchill effect I had applied to my weapon as well it no longer there, which leads me to believe there has been something of a reset on all things Shadowlands Epic Edition on my character/account. When summoning Xolartios via the mount, he offers me the quest as if I never accepted it. I am not sure as to what’s going on - I’ve exited the game and relaunched it a few times, but I’d rather not go through that grind again.


Same here. Lost all my progress and upon starting the quest again from scratch, I either have some terrible luck or just haven’t seen a single Echo drop in a couple hours of various humanoid farming methods when normally I could get the first few rather quickly.


Yeah - I’d preferably not do it again so hopefully we can get it fixed.

Got the same problem here, last night I copied my char to the pts.


Yeah, that’s what I had done. No idea if that was the cause or not.

I did some experimenting, and it seems like the quest gets removed whenever you copy character data over to the PTR.

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Just had this same issue happen to me. Anyone able to get the echo’s back?

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I have had the same thing happen today when I logged in. The quest and all progress is gone.

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The exact same thing happened to me, i was at 34/40 when I copied my main character to the PTR.

Once i logged in the main server tha quest was simply not there, summoned the NPC and he was giving me the quest as if i never accepted it.

Opened a ticket and was replied with an automatic response that there’s too many tickets and GMs are not able to help with quest credit or ingame bugs.

Hoping that Blizzard notices this


The same exact thing happened to me as well. I was up in the 30’s (finally) and now my progress has been completely reset. Super frustrating given the low drop rate of these items. Submitted a ticket, to which I received a canned response, so not very hopeful of getting that progress back.

I too had just copied my toon to the PTR to give things a try.

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Yep… same here. Was in my 20s. Copied a character onto the PTR and poof… quest progress along with the quest itself vanishes. To make matters worse I can’t even do much testing on the PTR with all the crashes and disconnects so… quite the reward I’d say! I also submitted a ticket and got a response that there were too many tickets… “we are too busy to help you” … nice.

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I had this exact same problem a few days ago. Exactly the same issue after copying my main to the PTR realm and got the exact same response from the support staff -.o. Still waiting for a feedback on the matter…now, through here since they won’t do anything through tickets.

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I’ve received a GM response that says I started the quest after the original date (because after the quest was wiped from my log i accepted it again).

Now i wonder if they can see the original date i accepted it, since i reaccepted to progress again.

My current recommendation is to not accept the quest at all until an answer is received


Well… Guess I better start grinding again then XD

Days later I received a response, the GM checked the original progress and was able to confirm my 34/40 progress, because of that he sent me the remaining Echoes of Mortality because my new progress was 32/40.

I recommend contacting support and explaining your original progress before the quest was dropped, if you can figure out when you originally accepted the quest it might help you too.

I’ll be sure to do so

same thing happened to me, ill try to contact support