The Essence Grind on Alts is Worse than Forced Pathfinder Part 2

EDIT: Updated with 8.3 News. So far no changes to the original rep requirements on the original essences.

The Essence Grind on Alts is Worse than Forced Pathfinder Part 2

Pathfinder part 2 requires you to do all of Nazjatar and Mechagon dailies for rep or follower xp to obtain essences. You need to do this set of content on repeat for about 4-6 weeks on top of all the other gearing systems in wow that include alot of rng and time gates. Pathfinder Part 2 basically tells you to get revered on all of these reps. For essences they you need revered then exalted. Never before 8.2 did Blizzard force you to do a rep grind in order to have character progression. It was always an option never a requirement.

Then add on top of that what you need for the other essences from pvp kills. I respect the Mechagon dungeon essence as that is on a weekly reset, same thing with islands, same thing with mythic pluses and raiding. What I dislike is the lack of a catchup mechanic for the rep, pvp and daily quest grinds. I would appreciate a catchup mechanic for the others as well.

/end rant.


It is an option. You are the one saying only the ‘best’ essence will do.


I actually liked the essence system the first time around. Now that it’s time to do it on other characters I just read books or do something else. It’s not enjoyable. (For the people who are gonna come in and tell me I’m lazy - I don’t care, still not gonna do it!)


Don’t worry they’re probably going to add more essences in 8.3 that will also be rep locked behind the new faction(s). Have fun!


Just as a correction, the amount of time it takes to get Pathfinder 2 is between 5-10 consecutive days. Anyone telling you 4-6 weeks is just a liar.


Nah. It’s all the same. I get the same essences on multiple characters by doing the activities that I normally just do.

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A lame attempt to force playing the game their way. Don’t.


Essences are gained by just playing your alts in content you like to do. Now if you insist you must have ‘x’ essence then you might have to go outside your comfort zone.

This actually was one of the system that gave people choices rather than forcing people to play the game their way.

Not everyone can play 5-10 consecutive days on the two daily quest resets of each day. So for the average consumer it takes 4-6 weeks.

I agree. I dont care what people think. They want you to be on a perpetual treadmill forever. I am not going to torture myself.

No its not. I do not farm world quests for fun. I do not farm follower xp for fun. If you do great but I do not. To me its just another barrier of entry from the things I want to do which is raiding and mythic plus. I want the gear grind to remain the gear grind. Not the gear + reputation grind.

I agree. I am done.

This is not freedom of choice. This is the illusion of choice. If I want to play certain classes and do certain things with those classes in specific content I should unlock the essences that would best assist me in my pursuit for the goal of obtaining mogs, pets, gear, pvp kills etc. i refuse to do more world quests on my alts than I did pre 8.2. Its not fun, engaging or entertaining! I am not entertained by this nonsense. I tell people if they like it thats fine. Speak for themselves but stop trying to speak for me or others.


I guess you missed this part.

Not everyone can play 5-10 consecutive days on the two daily quest resets of each day. So for the average consumer it takes 4-6 weeks.

You know how you can tell you’re just making stuff up. “the average consumer”.

Whether your days are consecutive or not is irrelevant. It’s a weeklong “grind”.

You know I am comparing my experience here to Pre 8.2 and what I was able to do with my available time with alts then versus now. No one is arguing that pre 8.2 was more manageable.

Instead the argument being made is that its my fault for wanting to have specific essences that work best for my classes and its my fault for wanting to achieve the best of my potential on these classes. So if I want this I should commit to the grind that has been created exclusively for the acquisition of this powerful tool.

That is not an acceptable argument because the grind pre 8.2 never included rep grinds or follower grinds for progression. That argument specifically neglects the differences in gearing pre and post 8.2 and pretends this has always been normal. It is not normal. Not having a catchup mechanic is not normal. This goes against everything Blizzard has established for gear progression systems ranging from AP with AK catch ups, iLvl with iLvl catch ups in world quests, and weekly keystone upgrades only depreciating one level from your max completed last week.

No one is making things up. You are just throwing words onto the wall like spaghetti to see what will stick. If a person can only play 2-3 days a week for a few hours only during one reset cycle and has to not only do dailies it will take them several weeks. This has been posted by many others that are not me. You are despicable for thinking that your situation can be applicable to all people therefore your world view is the only one that should be considered. Thats a horrible way of debating and thinking.


I will take you up on that offer of telling you that you are lazy, but I also like the cut of your Jib.

I mean isn’t that what you’re doing by calling yourself the “average consumer?”

Anyway all he’s saying is that the grind itself is 1-2 weeks of actual play. That you have to spread that time out over two months or so doesn’t change the length of the actual grind.

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I am different because I acknowledge the fact that people play the game differently with different lifestyles. He is talking about how raw time to complete the required content discredits the notion that it can take 4-6 weeks. He straight up called it a lie that this is how long it takes for a regular person. He wants the game balanced around the technicality that 10 days of questing, with morning and evening resets, that you are always available to log in each day and night to do this stuff, should be the determining factor in calculating if this system is manageable or not for the average person. On top of all the other stuff you have to do in game. It makes no sense.


This is strange but “Ancoan follower dailies” aren’t on my list of activities that I like to do.

It’s not insisting on anything. Some essences are just massively top-tier for certain specs and others are bottom tier.

Anyone who likes to do content where they create larger damage and healing numbers and/or survive against higher incoming damage (read - it’s everything except RP and pet battles) will want to get those essences that let them do better in the content they enjoy no matter where the essence comes from.

I understand that you and some other people could essentially play the game using a random number generator to press your keys, because apparently you have no concern for the actual results of your actions in-game… but that’s not how most people engage with the product.


Yup, you are right I have never understood the need some people have for topping the dps charts or being better than ‘x’ healer on their team. All it seems to result in is a whole lot of unhappiness for the person trying to do this.

I don’t do all the crazy stuff and when I used to raid I was middle of the pack and that was good enough for me.

I think there’s a chance that devs will soften their view on account-wide essences and perhaps push it through in 8.3.

It will certainly outrage those that dedicated the time to grind but internally, they must have data that shows alt progression teetering versus previous expansions.

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Any data they have will be garbage with so many ppl playing classic.

Raw completion time is what you should be considering. And again you’re calling yourself normal and the average player which is biased. Any task in this game could take weeks or months if you’re not doing it as often as possible. Not to say whether it’s good or bad but just because it can take that long doesn’t mean that that’s how long the grind itself takes. The raw completion time is how long it takes spread over whatever length of time any given player takes to complete it.