The Dragonslayer Challenge and Cataclysm Arena Tournament are Here!

The Dragonslayer Challenge and Cataclysm Arena Tournament are Here!

Prepare to watch the fastest speedrunning guilds in the Dragonslayer Challenge, then tune in to the action as celebrated combatants clash in the Cataclysm Classic Arena Tournament. Watch the show unfold on Twitch and YouTube over the next two weekends!

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Oh ok… Don’t you have a classic forum Blizz?

This is the cataclysm classic forum

Probably got moved because I replied from the general forums.


Ah, makes sense <3

Pleae just stop with Esports. The players want a good game to play without 234,984 bugs.

You are just not going to get the response you are looking for. No one cares about Esports. Just stop! Make a great game again or fix the ones you got. Thanks.


there are many bugs in AQ 40 and no one has complained for 19 years

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346 as a base seems…really high for this as a challenge if we’re going to have a full day of heroic dungeons that drop 346 gear? Sure there are trinkets and optimizations but that seems a bit excessive and will make day 1 just…nothing.

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Nothing for the viewer to get as reward? then hard pass for me… these events stop being interesting the moment the world first races started to be more popular :dracthyr_shrug:

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I see what you did there…

Give me a pet or a mount or I won’t watch

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I thought playing on Private servers was against TOS? why are you now giving free advertisement to these players and offering them a chance to make money from it?

That sounds about as exciting as watching grass grow or paint dry. What a waste of thousands of dollars that could been put to better use.

Cool an awc of sorts too.

Several hours where only the player names change. Because the classes in the comps usually don’t.

I still say to fix that they need bans. In Another pvp game its tournament allows bans of classes.

If you see team has paladin (we’ll use wow terms) core to its setup…ban it. And the other team in the match up picks what their ban for you is.

It helps breaks up matches. it also shows better player skill, imo. they have to be good on several classes to cover bans.

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they probably won’ do that because its a pve mmo first and a minigame pvp gamemode inside

some people invest tons of time in their main only, imagine having the best mage in the world on your team and then every other team just ban picks the mage, and he doesnt play any alt because he LOVES mage

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You’re not. Unless you are in one of those speed leveling teams in an event instance.
If you are then you will be able to gear up sufficiently or they’d be no point.

Are you serious?

Instead of funding something that no one will watch or care about, please focus on fixing your buggy a$$ game.



I don’t know if I can keep myself together the overwhelming excitement for this annoucement is just taking over my body.

Thank you Blizzard.

(Sarcasm btw, no one wants WoW esports. Stop.)

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Why no NA/Oceanic team going against a Euro team? I’ll pass, maybe the folks on the other side of the pond will enjoy it.