The Degenerative Remote Login Problem

If it wasn’t obvious by now, thousands of people are now using remote desktop apps to log in hours before they plan to play to either avoid or alleviate their time spent in queues . Play that scenario out and you get a degeneratively worse queue situation with no end in sight.

  • Suppose server X suddenly starts exhibiting a ‘short’ 30 minute queue of 2000 at 6pm st.
  • 1000 players who normally log in at 6pm decide to login earlier than normal to ensure they avoid the queue. Queue goes to 3000 and now 45m, beginning at 5:30pm.
  • Another 1000 players catch on the following day, log in even earlier, its now an hour long queue beginning at 5pm.
  • Players that cant compete in this new arms race to log in early are now screwed, even players that were perfectly fine waiting 30m at 6pm.
  • … So these people decide to remotely log in an hour before they are able to normally, from work, etc.
  • Players who normally log in at 7pm usually are now scared of being locked out, so they join in the remote login trend.
  • Now the players who thought they were ahead of the queue at 5pm are at the back of the line behind the remote loggers, so they hop on the wagon.
  • This cat/mouse continues until you’ve got thousands of people that would have never normally logged in before 6pm suddenly remote logging in 3-4 hours ahead of time.
  • What you end up with is a server filled with thousands of players with 25-50% of their account’s time spent logged into the game … not actually playing the game.
  • At this point, if you are not one of these people abusing remote logins, you feel forced to begin participating in the same behavior or you will never be able to beat the queue manipulation.

There legitimately could be plenty of room on these servers for everyone to play if they simply logged in when they planned to play, but the Remote Login loophole is causing a significant and growing portion of the playerbase to eat up as much as 10+ hours of server time without any intention of playing the game. Thats how a moderately small queue can degrade into the epic disaster that these servers have become.

Something needs to change, this isnt going to fix itself. Whether that be IP checks or more strict AFK measures. The carrot is not working, its time for the stick.

[And before any muppets chime in with their moronic “jUsT tRaNsFeR” takes … sure, we would be glad to transfer, as soon as the 90 day xfer restriction is removed, and a future free transfer is given along with it in case the next server goes dead or becomes yet another daily queue rip-off, and when the ability to transfer guild banks is added, and when there are destinations of the same server type with the same faction balance (lol good luck) … do that and we will be out of here by tomorrow. Until then, keep your mouths shut.]


Just Transfer


Which looks great on Regorged’s shareholder report as they report that people are playing 10+ hours a day and even wait to log in, what an amazing success for bobby’s q3 bonus! Which coincidentally ends en 2 days.


Where are you getting this figure from? How do you know it’s thousands?

Do you have a citation for this? How do you know how many people are doing this? And how do you know they’re just sitting AFK for hours and not doing anything in game?



Make alts, fill bank alts with guild stuff, transfer. Rinse and repeat, I do not get how hard is it to grab that concept. You’ve had weeks to do this, Weeks to make gold to buy new guild tabs and now here we are still whining and complaining. You wouldn’t have to deal with ANY of this if you just transferred.

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Whatever server you go to outside of the mega-servers will be dead in 3 to 6 months. Bookmark me until that time if I am wrong but I promise you, you will regret it.


Remote login is a legit and acceptable thing to do it is not abuse.

You are paying for equal and unlimited access remote logins are only using that access within the rules of the game.

They are not afk by wowa def as to be afk need to be taken non action over a set time so dosent apply.

The issue is not those remote logging its those using scripts to stay logged in as that is a clear rule break like you no the countless bots.

You want less of a que ban those using scripts they are the issue not those that are using there access to be loged in and not afk via remote access that is legal to use.

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1 month, now 3-6 months. Can you guys make your mind up? I’ll do a monthly update at this point.

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Imagine being mad about someone logging into their computer before you. If you don’t like the queues switch to a different server. If you can handle the queues then feel free to handle them. But complaining about remote logins? Lol give me a break. Absolutely nothing is wrong with logging into your computer remotely. Take your conspiracy theories somewhere else.

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Player drop off has always been about 3 to 6 months looking at classic19 and tbc.

You have literally no idea how remote desktop works lol.

Also just transfer lol

Someone from Benediction calling remote loggers a conspiracy theory is about as thick & openly dishonest as it gets, clearly coming from someone currently remotely logged in.

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Fact remains it’s a legit way to play wow as confirmed by blizzard. There is no rules being broken by remote logging.

You should be targeting those using scripts not those playing the game legitimately via a remote logger.

100% I am sitting in the queue right now. I only have time to play ~4 hours a night in the late evening. With 12 hours queues that means I don’t play WoW. So I remote into my PC around 11:00am and by the time I’m available to play at 8:00 or 9:00pm my queue is almost over. I am the average gamer according to ( just because someone like yourself is home with 18 hours a day to play WoW doesn’t mean the extremely typical WoW player that has 3-4 hours a day to play shouldn’t be allowed to.

Remote log in is the only way the typical gamer can play WoW Classic in its current state. Don’t be mad at us, be mad at blizzard for being greedy and letting the game fall into a state where this is a reality.

With 10-man raids being available I laugh at anyone that sits in queue.

Yes being on a overpopulated server was essential when raid required 40 members but now there is no reason other than stupidity to wait 5+ hours for queue THEN come on the forums to complain.

10 mans being there really means almost nothing to many . As it dosent drop the top gear it’s not the content many people want to do as the goal is to max out your char.

Well those sweaty kids can suffer:rofl:

Imagine going full incel on a game thats already 15+ years old and then complain about it, alot of overgrown children in the game.

It’s a Blizzard created issue that blizzard needs to step up and fix with one of the several easily implemented fixes available to them. I like to play a few hours from like 3-5 and then a little bit before bed so now I’m forced to log in at 11am and then stay logged in until about 11pm keeping those spots locked up thanks to blizzard’s inaction


Those on mega are in general the sweats so your point is kinda pointless.

The did fix it with the fixes they can use they gave you a transfer.

You don’t like it well that’s makes it now your issue not there’s.

There is no other easy fix that is the offical answer.