The Degenerative Remote Login Problem

There are plenty of 18hr a day players on the megas they arent affected by this stuff, the people affected are the 3hr a day players who really dont need to be on the omega sweaty server

The argument that people want to play with there guild and friends is ridiculous. You do not know 29,000 people on a server and need to play with all of them. I’m sure there’s a few people who have strong guild ties and their guild refuses to move. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say 29,000 other people aren’t all in the same boat. You’re literally refusing to move knowing that the problem isn’t going to go away and hoping someone else fixes it for you and whinging about it instead of just making a decision to move. Find another guild to raid with, it’s not hard.

Yeah I mean I guess if the paypigs like you just keep accepting any terrible solution they offer nothing will ever happen

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Wouldn’t hold my breath.

Well yeah too many of the lesser players will just accept the free transfers, it’s a vicious cycle of them offering some feces and the lower intelligence players just acting like starving dogs to get at it


They should really add an option for GMs to TRANSFER GUILD… which would create space on the destination server for all the guild members for a week (Save a spot) so guilds can decide to transfer and not worry about losing members do to destinations being locked. That would solve a lot of problems with people not wanting to transfer I bet… and help lower the queue problems.

I agree though, they should do something about afk folks… not sure how, but something to stop the jumpers and let people in that want to play.

The real sweaty people are the ones that are unemployed or took time off work.

They’ll hop back into queue right before bed and set an alarm for the queue timer to have 0 down time.

People complaining about the queue are not as hardcore as they think and have no reason to be on the mega servers as they’re already so far behind the real sweats.

smart people, taking work off.

yeah no queue or queue these people would be doing the same thing chief.

It is what it is. It sucks, but it’s not likely to change. Either wait out tourists, transfer, or stop your sub. Honestly not trying to be “this is your fault just transfer!”, just being a realist.

It’s funny how many people talk about Bobby’s money when it come to WoW despite the fact that WoW is a fairly small portion of overall revenue, and Classic is a small portion of that. Bobby probably doesn’t even know Classic WoW is a thing.

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This is exactly why nothing will be done. They don’t care. The bigger problem is the lower level blues on the forums straight up blaming the players for the problem when it’s clearly blizzes fault. If they were to just say “look, we could fix the issue but its just not worth it to us monetarily, sorry” I would have more respect for them.

Yeah he isn’t even aware of their product that makes millions for basically no investment! I’m super sure of that!

Interesting. 7 paragraphs of emotional melodrama, and not a single solution proposed by our resident software engineering expert. 7 paragraphs of “I know better than you”, but no “This is how you fix the problem”.


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Candy Crush is less investment and makes exponentially more than Any of Blizzard’ division products. We are, not even small, fries, we are microscopic.

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Still make more than enough to be on his radar bb boy

He knows it exists sure. If anyone thinks he is focused on how WoW Classic can make him more money vs a more profitable area, they are deluded.

This is a pretty silly take because there’s too many people on a server to play so there’s queues that are growing and forcing players to use a Remote Desktop.

And if you think the little devil looking man isn’t going to be upset when he finds out that the project that is basically free money stops printing so much because the people in charge of the project refused to do the bare minimum then you’d be deluded

If you say so.