The current state of H-WrA

I do think there have been more trolls overall in general, and PvE/PvP realm players coming to RP realms to troll is nothing new, though it does feel like it’s gotten weirder.

I saw an Orc with an actual RP profile, filled out, for all intents and purposes, looking like an actual RPer. They ran up to a troll (the race) RPer and said:
“hey show me your feet”
And started making sexual advances out of nowhere relating to the troll showing them their feet.

Usually the trolls are more obvious than that (no RP addons, blank profiles, trolling profiles, etc.), so it was kind of weird.


Seriously, get out of Orgrimmar. I only ever use the place for IC interviews for the guild now. Orgrimmar is the new SMC.

But how will I ever get to RP when everyone’s scattered around? Do people just know where to go or something?

Could always hit up guild hot spot places or commonly used areas for RP events. There’s probably folks hanging around the xroads. It is hard though.

Another suggestion could be to start marketing spots as a newer hub. Hit up Booty Bay/Ratchet more etc etc

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I would highly suggest keeping an eye on the forum here for RP events happening out in the world. Like Mulgore Mondays, which is city RP that happens in Thunder Bluff.

Of Wednesday Soup Nights at Crossroads.

Personally trying to RP in high traffic hubs like Orgrimmar will always be terrible because that’s simply where EVERYONE is going to be, trolls included. It’s like trying to go to Goldshire on Moon Guard and just have a conservative, peaceful drink and conversation at the inn. It’s simply not going to happen.

Just keep an eye on the forum for RP events, report and block the trolls as you see them. Control what you can about your experience in WoW, but don’t have the expectation of being able to control the ENTIRE experience. It simply isn’t possible in an MMO.


There are 3 communities I know about that update their in-game calendars to reflect known RP events. I host one of them, I’m in the other two, and the moderators there will add any event to the schedule that they are made aware of the moment they get details.

The WrA Discord is an amazing resource. If you put the RP Events chat onto “Notifications”, then you’ll always know of big events weeks before they happen. The Discord my community hosts does the same thing, as does Warcraft is a Stage.

Speaking of, there is also Warcraft is a Stage, which stays pretty up to date. Sometimes they’re a bit confusing because they host out-of-server stuff, but there’s still something going on all the time.

The final resource? These very forums. Within the first 50 posts, as of this very moment, over 20 threads are dedicated to RP guilds or RP events. In just one hour a week, you can copy event information and basically learn about two weeks to a month’s worth of RP. There’s seriously so much, especially on Saturdays, you will get your pick of the litter.



It’s like people IRL going to a bar thinking they’ll find their soulmate.

Doesn’t work like that 9 time out of 10.

Also, if you’re looking for regularly-hosted events (ie. weekly) or Discord communities, check out the pinned post on this forum:

I’m not trying to self-plug or whatever its called, it really is full of community groups, guilds, discords, events, anything you could want to get connected with RP and although I don’t play anymore, I do keep it updated.


I’m not trying to self-plug or whatever its called

Plug away! The animosity towards people plugging their communities and efforts is ridiculous. If it’s a relevant resource, definitely plug it! Maintaining a massive RP community requires multiple people take the initiative anyway, and we always appreciate people like you and Fey and Lind who try and get things organized~


The answer is simple… ditch the living races and RP Forsaken only. Come to the haunted lands and stay away from the zug zug furry troll moo moo Elf goblins.


But aren’t you supposed to befriend the living now…?


Firstly, ill support my fellow Horde, but forget the blue.
Secondly, I’m only supposed to let live the living.
Lastly, I really haven’t had a problem with trolls and such because I don’t stick around in Org or SMC, and like the other right above me, I just follow the posts who host.

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It was just a poor joke at the datamined changes for the introductory Forsaken cinematic coming in Shadowlands - har, har, har.


You mean the changes that were already addressed as ‘not vetted’ and placeholder, and that would be changed?

Yes, I do. I thought it was humorous, but pardon me.


You’re welcome to find it humorous.

I hope I am also welcome to find it humorous, otherwise I have grossly overstepped.


You’re not allowed to overstep, to the gulag with you.

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Vulpera clearly did attract new blood to the server, and a lot of it are acting like what is usually on Moonguard.

Problem overall is Horde RP is there, but it’s not as huge as for public Roleplay goes. But in the end of the day, people play what they desire to play. It’s not to anyone to judge what other do or not.

There is simply, like or not, and move on. The player base is an aging population, it’s meant to change eventually and can’t remain what it was once, forever.

I am not bothered by any of it, acting like a holy purist is pretty much wrong in first place, we all do sins, just some are against our list of likes.

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It’s the best joke I have ever seen and ily

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I don’t tell anyone what to do or how to RP. I am not the police. But I am also not going to lie and say that being a creepy weirdo is acceptable to me or that I don’t think being a goofy animal fetishist is not gross. If thinking that it is gross makes me a holy purist then I suppose I might be the first dude that likes church burning devil music that is also a holy purist.


Same thing happens Alliance side as well.
At the end of the day, there is no difference between a RP server and a normal server. WoW has kind of become something of a sandbox game when it comes to any kind of RP rule enforcement.