The current state of H-WrA

I got curious and recently logged onto my female characters (mostly to do an inventory check) and uh…

hoo boy

Remember the quest in Valley of the Four Winds where you dip an amorous rooster in water to cool their passions?
Yeah, a lot of people need some dunking in the local water trough.


I don’t get what the expansions have to do with much of anything. The RP I’ve been seeing on the Alliance side is just random stories that could happen in any game. (Overall themes of cops vs. robbers, rescue-the-princess, weird stranger in town, etc) Edit to say that I’m having a blast and it’s fun. And also, actually, I remember someone mentioning ooc yesterday that Org doesn’t have anything like this (what we were doing ICly at the time), and I had to sadly agree.

On a different note, you know how Stormwind has that clinic with the LMA guild? Is there something like this on Horde-side? I’ve been wanting to RP a scene where my death knight needs healing after a fight. I’ve been looking around for a clinic in org, but not sure if anyone is RPing that kind of thing. It’s not super important—just thought it would be a fun little scene to do.


It’s hilarious if Myst gets hit on ICly because she is an ultra violent ex-thug and will absolutely go crazy mode right back at them. One particularly god moddy orc got a full taste of that when after some unwarranted insistence in defiance of her rejection, she ended up being god moddy right back and sliced off his you-know-what.

He got pretty irate after that and slapped me on ignore, win win.

Sounds like we should try to popularize Razor Hill.

I like the idea of little cloisters of RP to fit certain themes. A lot of Forsaken hang out in Sepulcher, old Horde seems to gravitate to Razor Hill. The cities seem cosmopolitan and diverse.

Orgrimmar suffers from a relative lack of “RP buildings” one could use to facilitate the running of an IC operation. You kind of just end up setting up any and all operations by the side of the road.

I really miss the first iteration of WoD tents, before they got nerfed. Set one of those babies down with a basic campfire and a banner and you have an instant business!

But if it’s a healer you need, wandering around injured while calling out for a healer should yield no shortage of druids/shamans/witch doctors/chirurgeons/medicine men/warlocks carrying extra hearthstones willing to help out.

Or you can call Firebrand Enterprises! Our trained medical professionals* will fix you up!


Starting a petition:
Blizz pls redo Orgrimmar again again. We need more RP buildings.

and chairs, ffs


Orgrimmar is fine, plz update Thunder Bluff because it is the same city that’s been there since the game launched and desperately needs updates to fit with modern Tauren aesthetics.

Or at the very lest updated textures.

And let’s not even talk about Silvermoon. Or the fact that since UC has been blown up the Horde should get Gilneas City as their primary new faction capital in Eastern Kingdoms.

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The focus on Orgrimmar would be to bring it up to Stormwind’s standards. There’s a reason why most Alliance RP takes place all across the various districts of Stormwind, and most Horde RP is split between Silvermoon and the Valley of Honor district in Orgrimmar.

And the idea behind blowing up Teldrassil and Undercity was decreasinging the number of Alliance cities in Kalimdor and Horde cities in the Eastern Kingdoms.


Weird that they went to all that trouble giving the eastern kingdoms to the alliance and kalimdor to the horde then not only had the expansion focus on new continents but also had the horde and alliance easily field huge armies on the other’s continent whenever it was needed for a warfront.

As far as I can tell the only way they utilized this blue EK and red kalimdor story beat was for that cool trailer where they were literally spilling blue and red ink on the maps of the continent.


Yeah that’s incredibly Blizzard :tm:

The execution of a city being built within a chasm is ok, but it’s weird that none of the cliff sides has been made into a village of sorts.


Yep. As of the end of BfA, the Forsaken took back Lordaeron and the Night Elves took back Darkshore. Nothing happened.

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Boy, I hate to be a buzzkill, but it sounds like there is an awful lot of harassment going on in Orgrimmar. Is that the case or is it more benign than it seems?


Ngl it is a nice little area. Maybe we should???

Not even a question…ya should. Also, Xroads and Ratchet. Do eeeeeet.

Theres tons of places like that where rp happens sometimes, and where guilds use as rp backdrops

But theres never really been a big push. I need to check up on the aggregate forsaken scene and see where all that is focused without undercity

To be fair, I see “multi-para” in someone’s trp I swerve because I don’t want to wait ten minutes between posts only to get crit by a wall of text that consists of two sentences of substance max and a bunch of fluff.


Yeah, it’s a hard push when the convenience of Org exists.

Its hard to say really. I’ve got some stories here about a particular foot goblin…