<The Crimson Path> 9/9H 2 Day Late Night guild LF Players

The Crimson Path - Tichondrius is a guild of veteran WoW players who continue to push semi hardcore content by achieving AoTC and 2500+ Mythic ratings.


We’re a group of real-life friends who came together to form a semi hardcore guild that focuses on Mythic +, Raiding and PvE world content. We pride ourselves on performing our best and expecting all players who run with us to do the same. Though our focus is on the guild progression and endgame content, we are very much an understanding group of players who support our guild members in and out of WoW.

Player Expectation:

All those who wish to join The Crimson Path should come with the mentality of building the guild community. We want our family qualities extended into the guild. Helping other guild members, participating in endgame content, and helping each other improve is very important to us. Bad attitudes, poor attendance and overall negative vibes will not be tolerated. Guild members are expected to run mythic + and other content outside of raid hours to improve themselves, raid logging and lack of individual progression will not be tolerated on the main team.

Raid Times:

Historically we raid Wednesday/Thursday from 9-11 PM PST. With our current rebuilding, those times will be subject to raider input but remaining a late-night weekday guild will remain. We will also continue to be a 2-day raiding guild.

Who are we recruiting:

Raid team is recruiting all roles for Season 4 and The War Within. The guild has room for all players interested in all forms of content. We are also seeking leadership driven players to help rebuild the guild and set it on a path that will lead us into the future.

Guild Raiding History:

AoTC Vault of the Incarnates

AoTC Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible

AoTC Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope

If you have any questions, please add my BTag: IronDuck97#1126 or Discord: Jory 5074.

looking for a friendly, supportive guild. former guild leader.

Are you all recruiting tanks and healers? Experienced duo looking to break into mythic raiding after a long absence.