The Creation Catalyst is Coming the Week of April 12

what the heck are you talking about? no one cares how fast that world boss dies but I care when I have to hit normal mobs 8-10 times before it dies and on some characters still have problems killing elites with the 252 gear.


What will non-tier items be turned into? I assume we could pick what raid item we want, say choosing our ring instead of RNG.

Killing a mob is killing a mob.

If you withhold your ability on an obvious 1 target boss I highly doubt you’ll use it with frequency on other things.

I use this:

The main point of that addon is to add covenant icons to details when a spell is noticed. No icon = no spell used = person saving spell for 10.0

My own experience (while anecdotal) is enough to form my viewpoint with randoms not doing instanced content.

Does the Warcraft team not have the mantra of “making the game fun”
We have gone through multiple resets of not getting Tier, or having to pick Raid Finder Tier over 280 iLvl just to try and stay competitive in PVP. This feels horrible, and then it’s still time gated at 1 piece per week? Great.


Blizz: You can get tier gear from doing world quests

Players: It’s not high enough ilvl! I want all 4 pieces next week!!


Anyway, is there a list what the non-tier pieces will turn into? Like if i cc a pair of boots will i get the vers/haste or the mast/vers, or something completely different?


As some others have stated, the wording may trip people up a bit (almost my entire guild still doesn’t fully understand), but can we get confirmation whether or not the belt/boots/bracers/cloak contribute to the tier set bonus or if they’re just for the transmog “set”?

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yeah you are so full of assumptions that are wrong.

In any case, how would it hurt you if they did this and let us upgrade the cypher gear?

you can’t though - you have to farm the relics to buy sandworn gear to replace your world quest gear.

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Are there item level break-points for the look of the gear you get out or is the tier gear you get out of the catalyst have its own look? If I put in a 278 piece I got from my vault, will it look like a mythic tier item or raid finder? or something else entirely?


It doesn’t hurt me. They can do it. And in fact it’s the smartest thing to do regardless so people can get mog quicker. I’m just giving a reply that could more easily answer their dps dilemma.

So the best way to gear up for raiding is to do PvP and M+? That’s just messed up.

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Please let us upgrade the 246 sandworn items to 252 when we have upgraded so that 252 gear drops throughout the zone.

For many people, myself included, we already raid on one character and have the gear dropping; we want to be able to outfit our alts with these, especially ones we have worked so hard completing the zone for. A lot of people forget that it’s not just raid or casual; alts are also a thing (for things like LFR, etc.)


Yeah but people are going to care regardless if the people you saw don’t use the covenant abilities on that world boss.

I use mine all the time doing world content but I don’t use it at all on the world boss on some characters for reasons which I won’t get into.

I am really not interested in farming for sandworn relics to replace cypher gear I already spent months getting.

I get that, but considering that they have already said they are adding the ability to upgrade 246 sandworn gear to tier sets, for someone who’s upgraded their cypher system to level 6 and is seeing 252 gear dropping, it’s really depressing to have to replace those with 246 tier gear.

Your issue is valid, but not the same thing. (Personally I feel cypher gear should be upgradable too.)

Yes I agree that 252 to 246 is bad.

And yes I think the cypher gear should be upgradeable.

I am really not sure what you are suggesting - it sounded like you wanted people with 252 gear to buy sandworn gear and then upgrade it to 252 and then make it tier. I don’t like that second step idea.


I’ve ben farming that stupid domination key for a while and I don’t recall getting any loose relics, only from dailies and rares in the sand pit.

Sandworn gear to tier is kinda like unemployment. They realize the need for it but would rather you not take that route.

Also wearing lower ilvl gear to get a tier bonus has been a thing since the vanilla days.

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Could you please make Sandworn Relic gear 259 ilvl? The same ilvl as the last 3 bosses on normal. I feel that Sandworn Relic gear is much harder to get than Cypher gear and should be higher ilvl in accordance. It takes 900 relics alone to get the Helm, Chest and Legs at 300 per.


What transmog color of the tier sets will the creation catalyst output?

It can be difficult to collect full transmog colorways when maybe your guild only raids certain difficulties. Would be cool if this would be another way to get full sets in all the colors.

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Sandworn gear is too low. When you’ve progressed your cypher system to level 6, and you’re getting 252 gear drops zone-wide, you should be able to get the sandworn gear at 252 too, not 246.


I’ve heard that you can get the transmog for different raid tiers by using the system on different item level pieces, is there a level range for what pieces turn into what raid tiers? Like, would I get the LFR coloration up to 252, or would normal coloration start lower than that?


and what about Upgrading? would a piece change look if you later upgraded the ilvl on it, or would it be stuck with the look it has the moment you Catalyst it?