The Chronoboon Displacer is Great, But it Could Be So Much Greater!

With the addition of the Chronoboon Displacer (CbD) characters that were previously logged out to conserve the duration of their world buffs until raid time (buff-locked) will now be able to play their characters without it being at the expense of their precious buffs. That was the original idea behind this grand concept, however, only a day into its release players are already utilizing multiple CbDs once every 60 minutes to save each world buff with it’s maximum duration, in a sense, abusing the system to do something that wasn’t part of the initial intent. Let me explain with an example:

You collect ZG Heart and immediately save it with a CbD. This creates a second item in your bags that is containing your ZG Heart, while your stack of empty CbD’s is now on a 60 minute cooldown. You then go to another world buff, we’ll say Dragonslayer, collect it and log out to wait out the remaining cooldown on your CbD’s. Once they are available, you log in and release your stored ZG Heart buff adding it together with your Dragonslayer, and then use a new CbD to save both world buffs at nearly their full duration. Rinse and repeat the process until you have your full stack of world buffs saved; e.g. three to four CbDs and hours later and you’re done with world buffs until raid time.

The Flaw:
It is inevitable that players will utilize items within the game at the highest level of efficiency if you provide them with the tools to do so. The intention behind the CbD was to avoid players from being buff-locked, and this is now operating at an 80% of what it was intended because players will be logging out at an hourly basis between world buffs in order to preserve the maximum duration of their buffs while waiting on the cooldown for their CbD to finish. It in turn has created a very convoluted system for something that, while better then what we had before, can be so much better with the solution I offer.

The Improvement:
Rather than the CbD storing the world buffs that are currently on you at the time of use, swap its functionality to automatically absorb any World buff the character receives while under the effects of the CbD, storing them at their maximum duration. This will provide a couple of benefits. #1 You are eliminating the “log out for an hour and wait for my CbD cooldown” step; you instead just get your buff and move on with the game. #2 This solves the long time, and arduous conflict of dispelling world buffs. A lot of players still desire for Songflower and Dire Maul to be undispellable, but rather than changing the original nature of these buffs, you can change the functionality of the CbD so that it solves this long fought problem (your Dire Maul and Songflower cannot be dispelled because they are being automatically stored inside the CbD), killing two birds with one stone.

The CbD’s are a fantastic addition to the game, but they could be so much better with a very simple fix. If you agree or disagree please write a comment and let me know your thoughts on this.


this is a good change +1


I’d prefer that they removed world buffs when you zoned into a raid as it solves every problem with world buffs.

However, if this system has to remain, then ideas like yours are good to avoid the buff juggling problem this system has created.


100% this, nothing more to say.


TLDR at the end.

It’s OK the way it is. In just a few hours of playing my main, I’ve been able to grab every buff using 5 CbD’s. Started with HoH just as you mentioned, I used my first CbD and had the 1hr cooldown. Instead of being a silly goose and buff logging…I did what the item intended for us to do…I played my character. Did a few AV’s, farmed some demonic runes, and killed and got killed by some ally around Chromie ;).

Once the 1hr cooldown was up, I checked the status of current world buffs…Rend and Dragonslayer were still a couple hours away. No biggie, I waltzed my behind over to DM and picked up my DMT buffs. Got a new 1hr cooldown. Great! I did again what the item intended for us to do. I PLAYED MY MAIN CHARACTER. Went back to some demonic rune farming, ran a few more AV’s with other guildie MAINS who were also saving buffs. Had a blast, was really fun.

1hr cooldown is now gone again, but Dragonslayer still over an hour away. Then while waiting in a que for AV, hey look, someone just killed Runthak! Let’s get that Buff! Got my CbD ready, waited for Runthak spawn, a nice gentleman warns of an incoming head turn in, BOOM, got Dragonslayer, use CbD, and another 1hr cooldown. Great! Guess what I did next? Hopefully you guessed right, I did what the item intended for me to do, I went and played my MAIN character.

1hr cooldown is now gone again, checked Rend timer, he is off cooldown in 15m! Cool, I’ll do some AH stuff while waiting for the drop if it drops. Rend timer comes off cooldown, no Rend hero appears at first. No big deal, let me grab a soda from the fridge before I go do some DM jump runs. Go grab a coke, come back, WOW! Look at that, someone ninja dropped Rend! Darn! Lost about a minute of Rend, oh well, boom, use CbD again, and yet another 1hr cooldown. Guess what came next? YUP! Went back to do what the item intended for me to do, PLAYED MY MAIN CHARACTER. Did a couple jump runs, was getting tired and needed a break from the game for the day.

Checked my 1hr cooldown and it was off cooldown. Went on down to Felwood, checked flower timers, found one down the road. BOOM, grabbed flower, used CbD, WOOT! Now I’m fully ready for raid night this weekend! Tomorrow I get to log in and twiddle my thumbs on my main, I’m not gonna know what to do with myself now lol! Guess it’s time to blow undergeared players up in AV all day tomorrow with that immolate/conflag combo and avoid those pesky MoM warriors with their pocket healers.

If you raid tonight or tomorrow, well, you have possibly one more day of semi-raid logging, by next week though, you should be able to do what the item intended for you to do…PLAY YOUR MAIN. You DO NOT have to log out to wait for the 1hr cooldown. Or if your guild is super tryhard, then you should have a coordinated “buff train” so you all buff together and save together so you don’t waste more than 1 or 2 CbD’s. People will find anything to complain about I swear. This is a GREAT change for those of us who hated raid logging, but loved to get all buffs just because it is FUN for us to be fully buffed.

TLDR: It’s fine the way it is. And to clarify, I know it CAN be better. So can lots of other things in Classic. But this is a huge change to Classic, and a mostly welcome one. A loud minority is already up in arms about it, let’s not upset them more than we need to :wink:


Anyone who is doing that is a moron so let them do it. In guilds that are good enough for a players logs to matter youre clearing naxx in about 1.5 hrs and saving 5 mins of buff time is irrelevant to begin with. Not that many people will actually do this. And if they do who cares.

People will complain about everything no matter what.

I get DMT -> Hearth to BB for Heart -> Teleport to SW for Head and store my buffs. I’ve waste maybe 5-10min of buffs by not storing each one individually but guess what, you would burn that little amount of time putting them in and out anyways.

After playing my character for an hour I can pull buffs out, get flower, log off for an hour and store them.

Now I can actually play my character.

The people who are trying to swap every single buff in and out are idiots and literally wasting hours of time to save 3-5 minutes of buff clock timers.

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While I agree that it’s not necessary to save every buff, in my experience it’s less about saving time on the buffs and more about making sure you get the buffs without being purged or ganked by an army of horde.

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Which people have been doing for the last two years. If they haven’t figured out how to avoid it by this point then they deserve to spend 5 hours storing WBs.

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Clearly you don’t play on Arugal. I do it every week, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or fun.

It’s a great idea that’s a quality of life improvement to the game without removing the “challenge” of acquiring the buffs while allowing you to continue playing the game before raid / PvP time. However, I agree it could use some improving. I think it should work like this:

-On use, it records all of your current world buffs and stores them as a consumable. Give it a 5 minute cooldown or something to prevent spam and other shenanigans. The consumable is unique and BoP. Using the Chronoboon removes all of your current world buffs and gives you a permanent debuff preventing you from acquiring any of the stored world buffs.

-Using the consumable puts the Chronoboon on a 2 hour in game cooldown, preventing log out stacking buffs and consumables. The cooldown resets on death. It also removes the anti world buff debuff. All stored buffs are then given back at full duration.

Doing it this way has multiple benefits and makes everyone happy imo. It keeps the original feel of needing to acquire all of the world buffs at the same time, but doesn’t force you to log out or do weird stuff with cooldowns and logging out to maximize buff durations. It can’t be exploited because the consumable puts a 2 hour in game cooldown on the Chronoboon, but also doesn’t punish you too hard for dying because you would technically still be able to go back and get the world buffs before if you really wanted to. The only real change is giving all the buffs back at full duration, but I think this just makes the min/maxers feel more rewarded for an already unnecessary task. Why not make it more fun if it doesn’t really change the outcome of the raid.

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You lost me. Why can’t you play after you stored a buff and are waiting for the CbD to come off colldown?

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bump to the top

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that is all

Alrighty made a huge thread on this exact criticism and it was clearly unpopular. People seem to think anybody who simply uses a thing in the most efficient discernible way is simply an “idiot” for playing that way.

Sorry bud, we tried.

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This is so utterly idiotic.

“Blizzard, please make it easier to abuse world buffs.”

“Okay, here’s a Chronoboon Displacer.”

“Blizzard, please make it easier to abuse Chronoboon Displacer.”

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Might as well just have a world buff vendor.

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I think it was unpopular because of how unpleasant you were and the pseudo-intellectual arrogance. But that may just be me.

It already looks like people are abusing it. This item should have been made Unique.

and then pull aggro on the first trash pull and die