The Burning Crusade is Coming to WoW Classic!


I was so excited to play this, but then I heard there’s a paid boost. And now I just don’t care about TBC anymore. Going to go play some other games that are on my backlog.


I’m excited… bring it on!


Why would a boost bother you? THere are people that just want to play Tbc and want nothing to do with vanilla , Me being one of them


Im not too opposed to the boost as its not really pay 2 win in anyway, other than giving you dungeon blues and a mount, regardless any gear would be irrelevant moving into BC.

If its the final push for people on the edge about playing classic, im all for it! One per account is fair and ensures people aren’t just getting tons of alts to max level quickly.

I hate paid services aswell, i just think boosts are not worst service that could be added. Obviously id rather people play and enjoy the game as designed, but alot of people just dont have time to max level a character in classic wow.

I do worry about what precedent this sets for future paid shop features in Classic… This year its boosts, but for wotlk will they push their luck and start to add similar things to the modern wow shop? Scary.


Sure thing… See you in tbc


TBC is coming.


As a formal lover to the game, started at the age of 13 years old, back in 2004; I cannot put more emphasis on adding fresh TBC servers (whether it be at launch, after launch or before).
The game Blizzard created, back in the days, was all about the leveling experience, the innovative gameplay and economic schematics.
I understand that it is a big decision, because people that literally dedicated their lives to classic will be angry that those fresh servers are gonna boom in population like you never seen.


too bad so sad.bye :>)


Thank you for bring back tbc back for we all can play again Thank You Blizz


New servers will be needed, can wait to start all over again. Make it happen Blizzard!


Good riddance.

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I’m not interested in grinding up 20 more levels in TBC. Then again and again. I came back into the game in 2020 after a 5 years hiatus because Classic was offered. I understand that my server will be TBC. Will there be other servers set up which will be Classic only in which I can transfer my Main and Twink to without having to buy a boost?

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Yes. All of that was already mentioned.

hell yeah brother

Yes there will be it will be on a separate client named wow classic

Another troll. A boost makes no difference on how a game is played. Sounds like you just wanted to post to complain and never intend to play TBC classic.

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I hope they make the boost only for people who don’t have a level 58+. This shouldn’t be a feature to provide people with just another character.

I feel a quick change in tune about level boosts incoming.


If they are really using boosts to help new people catch up then it should only be allowed when you don’t have a high level character already.