The Burning Crusade Classic Release Date

Any guesses as to when TBC Classic is released?

My guess is 2 to 3 months after Shadowlands releases for 1 simple reason: SL is likely to be a gigantic flop, so Blizzard will release TBC Classic to maintain a boosted subscriber number to givr shareholders the appearance of success of SL expansion.

Remember that when Classic released, WoW subscriptions world-wide quadrupled, making Classic much more popular than retail. Blizzard tried to hush this fact by disabling the API that census addons used, but the data was already out there.

Blizzard is trying to leverage Classic to get people to buy the garbage Shadowlands when all we want is a functional and supported Classic (eg, fix teleport hacks, start communicating with customers, etc).


I would guess more like a year. If they do, they can alternate TBC in 2021, 10.0 in 2022, and Wrath in 2023.


They would beta test first. Meaning that you are also looking at Holiday period testing and Naxx isnt even out yet.

In order to account for those factors i would expect the same release date classic had of late august with a beta starting early summer and annoumsnt on how its all going to work at Blzz Conline.


They will announce that they’re officially planning to do classic TBC first. I’m guessing they might do that announcement at online (or whatever) Blizzcon Feb 19-20.

After that probably a year or so? It’ll be post Naxx for classic and there will be beta etc just like there was with Classic Vanilla. It won’t just appear by surprise.


Mid June through mid to late August 2021 is the safest range, with July-ish seeming like a solid place. Expect ~6 months of P6 Classic.


why would an expansion take as much time to test as the base game in large?

Ask blizzard they are the ones that usually run the tests for that long. 3 months is actually pretty short for blizzard betas.


at least wait until naxx. Tough blizzard will hopefully keep classic characters in classic and we can all enjoy them and make a new tbc character which will increase the games life.




uhh you’re way off bud. You think they are gonna release something that hasn’t even been officially announced yet that soon? If they even announce it. It won’t be till blizzcon in feb, then there will need to be a beta. So not until summer 2021. That is if blizz ever does it. Blizz said we were gettin classic, they never said anything about expansions, they are just assumed.

Also I don’t think they want to make the same mistake they made with vanilla. They are gonna give people a chance to do Naxx and get it on farm.


I’m guessing reveal at Blizzcon Online, launch probably next summer.

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Expect Naxx in Jan, then TBC 3-6 months after that.

No actual need for a beta TBC aside from kicking the hype machine into gear.

TBC is fairly solid,with most of the glaring bugs ironed out come patch 2.4 (which im guessing they’re going to use)

tbc hasn’t even been announced man… you are getting your hopes up. especially if you think it has no need for a beta when it does get announced


Ehh, they’re still going to have to backport everything to their 7.3.5 client, and make best guess efforts here and there when code interactions occur. They had the 1.12 codebase too, and still had to make lots of tweaks to emulate vanilla behavior.

Picking up code nobody’s maintained in twelve years and expecting to release it without testing is like trying to move straight into an abandoned house.

Phase 6 Naxx isn’t even released yet. Players are still working their way through AQ, getting the dungeon gear (1.5, 2.5? I don’t pay enough attention clearly). Shadowlands drop-off after a couple months will be offset by the Phase 6 Naxx announcement and subsequent release.

Then there’s the first patch of Shadowlands with stuff like class rebalancing. Only after that would TBC be a possibility and that’s well into 2021. I do predict an announcement at the Blizzconline thing (whatever it’s called) early next year that TBC Classic is coming, and maybe a vague statement how it will work.

It’s more wishful thinking than actual hopes tbh, No reason they couldn’t release naxx and the TBC “hype beta” at the same time.

i understand but I don’t think blizz wants to make the same mistake they made with vanilla. When they announced tbc people gave up on naxx which is why most people didn’t finish it or even get to try it the first time. I believe they are gonna let Naxx breath before tbc comes.

samething with Sunwell and then the wrath announcement.


The meta has shifted enough that naxx is going to be on farm for the average guild within 2-3 months of release.

Sunwell was out for quite awhile though so they did learn, The catch up mechanics did their job to help a heap of guilds into the instance.
I’m guessing the raiding meta will increase sunwell completion rates substantially making it a non-issue.

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I surely hope so, I know my guild is gonna give it a real go. But I just watched this and I dunno if it’s gonna be as ez as everyone thinks. Hopefully I’m wrong.

i heard april/may