The burning blade quest in Durotar

Quest in Durotar; The burning blade.

Collect 6 burning blade spellscrolls

Cave location: 53.0 29.0 (approx)

The things you kill over here put a dot on you that stacks everytime you kill something near this cave and if you are a class that doesn’t have a way to heal or remove the dot without waiting for 60 seconds its going to 1 shot you eventually. At low levels this is too punishing.

Should I open a bug report or is this supposed to be this stupid and broken?

That looks like it’s probably a scaling issue, so I’d report it as a bug. Make sure you include the character’s level when you do. (If I’m remembering, that’s the debuff that if it stacks high enough turns you into a demon — so it actually kind of fun when it’s working right.)