<The Brotherhøød> Guild Recruitment

<The Brotherhøød> is searching for unique individuals for 25man and 10man raiding content. Raid Days are Wed-Thurs, Sun 10man (2 teams, non-competitive) and Fri-Sat 25man. 6pm-9pm Server. Fun, friendly, semi-casual atmosphere.

We are a newly formed 25man raid group with aspirations to clear hard mode Ulduar in quick succession.

What we expect: Prompt boss pulls at raid start time. That you understand the basic concept of your race, class, and spec. It’s not just about your spec. Don’t know much about your class? We recommend wowhead.com guides. We expect you to understand the basic mechanics of the encounter, we don’t expect you have it mastered. We expect you are enchanted, gemmed, and have flasks/ potions ready. (we can help you here).
Our guild can get rowdy sometimes so please just try and be respectful to everyone’s opinions, we respect your freedoms.

What you can expect from us! You’ll like this part…
Player Essentials - We typically provide raid mats when possible. This means enchants, flasks, potions, feasts, and gems. This is a service we try and provide as much as possible, you are not entitled to this service.
Guild repairs - are provided but of a certain amount due to limited gold reserves; again this is a service we try and provide as much as possible, you are not entitled to it.
Guild carries - when appropriate we do alt runs w/ mains. This is an opportunity for quick alt boost. However please remember, if an item is a MS BIS to a core raider carrying, that’s a priority.

What we want you to remember:
We are a growing, and ever changing guild. We have a variety of unique individuals in our guild. We are all goal orientated individuals with the same aspirations of clearing Ulduar on Hard Mode 25 man while current.

What you can earn:
A core raid spot in 25man content and 10man content
An opportunity to grow and develop your ingame skills and relationships with individuals of similar interests.
An opportunity to take on senior roles of guild leadership such as class leader, raid leader, officer etc
An opportunity to contribute to our community be it with knowledge, farming, or involving yourself with us in random guild events.

If you’re interested in joining or would like more information please reply to this thread. Thank you for your time.