The bots are absolutely out of control

Half the rankers are botting. Level 60s are online in Maraudon and ZF for 72hrs+ at a time. All the outdoor farm spots for elementals, twilight texts, etc… Have bots at all times. I’ve sent so many reports of blatant botting over the past 2 months, and I keep seeing the same bots in the same places still botting. I know Blizzard likes to ban in waves, but can we increase that frequency a little bit?


The 1-40 zones on Herod have literally hundreds of bots leveling up now that they unlocked the server. There were nearly 100 gnome mages under level 10 in Dun Morogh alone last night. Meanwhile the queues are back and real players are having to wait to play.


I see the same hunters with chinese pet names in badlands farming the rock elementals all the time. I camp them for the easy honor while waiting for queue or w/e, but it won’t frustrate them and make them leave… They’re bots…


lol yep, i counted well over 200 amongst westfall, wetlands, duskwood and ashenvale last night on whitemane. jibberish names, no guild.


We need to create a master list of all BOT names and get it pinned here. Hunting and killing bots is a public service!

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That might work if they were actually outdoors. Most bots are just farming instances. Look at all the weirdly named, unguilded mages in mara or ZF that seemingly never logoff


You’re right that there are a lot more in instances but still plenty in the open world :wink:

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they’re evolving. soon they’ll kick you for low dps.


LOL, soon they wont need to.

My server is on the smaller side, but I can always find several bots in the usual locations. Do please ban them.

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Maybe I should level up my mages.

is nobody going to say it?


Fine. I will say it.


Tauren druids are absolutely out of control.

Imagining that ANY of them were bots is in your head. Blizzard can’t help with that. None of us can. Paranoia is not against the EULA.

99% of gnomes and dwarves do their 5-10 leveling in Dun Morogh. What’s wrong with that? If Herod is opened up to new players, HALF of the Alliance ones will be in Dun Morogh.

To me, 100 sounds a little low…

Botting is de facto legal now? I’ve seen so many bots that it’s hard to imagine Blizzard isn’t just ignoring the problem, bots pay a subscription fee, too.


they can’t, those farmer are players

sub fee is pennies in china

Imagining that people are imagining bots is indeed a form of paranoia.

Some would call it dementia.

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Why were there like 20 of them running straight for an Orc shaman with a magma totem out, dying, rezzing and repeating over and over and over if they weren’t bots?

Why were there another 20 of them being killed somewhere else in the zone, rezzing at the Kharanos graveyard and immediately spamming /say HEROD?

I know there are human farmers or multiboxers who people accuse of being bots, but that’s very clearly not what’s happening here.

I don’t even have anything at stake, I‘m not fighting for black lotus or buying flasks or whatever, I don’t even have a level 60 character. I just want to be able to play without waiting in a queue. Having to wait in line is infuriating when hundreds of connections are taken up by extremely obvious bots.


Time to call John Connor.

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I can always find the same bots in Feralas and Tanaris. Good honor farming at least, if you want to do that anyway.