The booster are hacking

Why isn’t there a GM watching these boosting fly hacking and banning them. They have been in this game for over a month and they’re still cheating. I’ve reported them and nothing gets done. This is why classic is bad.

Because it doesn’t work that way, and it’s the anti-measure to any substantial action they take, even if only for a few days.

Almost 200k accounts actioned just last month says otherwise. Maybe not the ones you’re looking at in particular, but they do Do Stuff. Your targets will be handled in due time.

On the contrary. Classic is “bad” because of other players thinking they can take the easy way.


I like how people think locations in the game are a real place and there has to be “a GM watching” otherwise noone will know botting happens. That’s not how any of this works. I’ve gotten a decent number of botters shut down myself, but it’s not immediate. Investigations take time, and are not based on what someone sees them doing in-game.


It isn’t just Classic. In Retail I’ve seen and reported literally, no exaggeration, 100s of magic ball farmers over the past few months alone. It just does not stop. This is one server, in just war mode, in just the newer zones.

Right click report is the way to go, gathers all the info. If you have soemthing extra, send it in to They all get hammered, some faster, but all of 'em disappear.

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