The Bloodline on Stormrage 3/12M 2 raid groups lots of M+

We’ve recently had several people join us from Kargath and heard that its mostly a low pop server. If you looking for a steady raid guild and interested in transferring were over on Stormrage. Give us a shout. Here is our recruitment details. Look forward to hearing from you.

Guild- The Bloodline
Progression- 3/12 M
Times- Mythic - 8:00pm - 1100pm est. Tues & Thurs
Heroic - 8:00pm - 11:00pm est. Friday

Recruiting Needs:

Open Recruitment-- Any solid DPS, Heals and Tanks are encouraged to apply as we have several spots open.

Looking for people who love to run Mythic+ keys, have fun, and be social. We are looking to round out our raid teams and move through 8.3. Tons of Mythic+ keys throughout the week, Looking for more to fill up our Friday group for heroic that feeds our Mythic group.

If your interested drop us a line below or message me on battletag