The Blizzcon WoW Q and A

That is a complete denial of history, my server didn’t get rid of layers until March, then brought them back again soon after because of the virus. We had layers for 7 months before they brought them down. They were brought back for about 2 months after that.

All but one of the questions asked; were already answered on Day One.

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Too much Shadowlands lore, I guess that’s what those players want. I did like seeing the question from Fasciae on there since he’s one of our frequent Classic forum posters. :slight_smile:

What I got out of it that is important for us:

  1. They will probably change the original S1 arena announcement due to the gearing concerns etc to line up better.
  2. No expectation of adding battlegroups, everyone together for arenas/BGs.
  3. Fresh servers are not announced but being strongly considered. They will not happen with the TBC launch but sometime after (so probably no TBC fresh but “Classic Era” fresh).
  4. They are considering for the Classic Era servers to do a grouping/merge similar to Retail due to low population concerns.
  5. Layering as already said and suspected.
  6. Everything carries over, gold and items, no restrictions

I might have forgotten something.

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And you still ran Kara for badges. Because of the new badge gear that was added.

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They removed layers from Herod twice over the summer the second time being for good.

Regardless she said “for a short while” literally her words and another Herod situation won’t happen again because there’s actually way more servers for people to choose from on day 1 this time and people can’t use the same excuses.


People will come back to herod who quit. Outland is sooo much smaller than Azeroth. You’re going to have layers for a while. They’re already underestimating tbc and I’m gonna laugh when “the response to classic tbc blew us away”.


Oh? Did they actually answer it?

Well, they put your question up and said they are willing to make adjustments for population issues like they did with black lotus spawns. You can go watch their answer on Youtube if you didn’t see it yet.

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Hrmmm. I’ll see if I can find it later. I didn’t expect anything crazy but neat they picked my question I suppose.

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Yes they did! I was like eyyyyy ma boy Fasciae! They said your name and everything!

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Ever Q & A consists of questions anyone with the IQ above that of a headless chicken can answer, questions already answered, and meme questions. This is not a new thing.

Your realm has an overpopulation problem.

Did they say anything about the glaring issues with the duplicate Char names?

If many people move to the classic era realms, there will be issues with duplicates and what if someone transfers his chars at a later time, will new players be able to take these names by creating level 1 chars and what if someone moves a char to Vanilla and later decides to send the clone to TBC; will that name be blocked forever?

I found it! Neat!

yah it was literally the first time i recognized the name of someone who asked a question,lol

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When the pre patch hits, EVERYONES toon will be snapshotted and ‘saved’ , you then choose which one you freely want to play on(TBC or 4ever Classic) and the ‘clone’ is inactive, UNLESS you pay to activate that clone. So they said your clone(name and all) will be saved, but they hinted that may not be the case forever, but for the immediate future, your name will be saved.

phase 3 with the next tier content was… 5 months? or so after release for vanilla. I think 5 months of T4 content was pretty good, and you’ll still be running it until nobody needs gear.

I expect most guilds to clear SSC/TK in 1 night then move a 2nd night to T4 content.

Im not mad at all about it

I have said the same thing and people act as if there is no way it could happen…

Just like nochanges would continue. People seem to think they know what is going on with this game and then have to eat some humble pie repeatedly here lately.

Thank You,

so there will be a vanilla realm for each current server then? I thought they would make new Vanilla era realms for those that want to remain at Classic and we must transfer there.