The Big Druid Bug list

Yea true. Good catch.

The of energy gain per second is likely because the modern client figures it on a per tick modified by haste mechanics. If it isn’t handled more closely to vanilla’s per 5 second style and haste not affecting it, there are multiple areas problems could crop up.

I imagine a similar problem for to hit. They probably added a blanket equation for all weapons, but did not handle feral attack skill, or skill change, as a unique case and instead tried to shoe horn it in. This means that most likely, it is not using the real feral weapon skill.


Yep. If others with the helm would like to test this and confirm it, it should be added to the list. At the moment, getting 20 rage every shift into bear makes even power shifting bear form fairly good with a macro as the time between shifts is almost instant.


Just found 2 “Must be Outdoors” error while in Travel Form at specific location. They are in Thousand Needle’s The Great Lift’s elevator area and Freewind Post’s elevator area.
Thunder Bluff’s elevator’s works fine.

And guys, i think classic are running just with a skeleton crew. Let’s be patience. They will fix it in a large patch update.

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I do not know about Freewind, but the Great Lift’s existed in Vanilla. It and others like the Auberdine flight path one were so annoying, I remember them today.

That is not to say it would not be nice for them to be fixed, but they were there and so are not part of Classic.

There was a lot of funkiness for shapeshifting that was not fixed until later expansions.

This other bug:

Has started me wondering if something from the auras is the cause of it or related. I know the feral forms come with multiple auras, I am beginning to wonder if there is an overwrite going on somewhere.

This is pure speculation.

I don’t get 20 rage when I shift into bear, do you have the primal fury talent by any chance? That’s the only place I see an additional 5 rage coming from.

Man did blizz fix any of these class bugs this reset? Noggenfogger still not working and something like that should be such a simple fix.


I’d also like to add a bug that I’ve experienced with Ferocious Bite (FB).

It seems that the extra energy consumption component to increase damage done is taking just over a full second to complete after FB successfully lands.

I have referenced multiple old videos from 2006 and before that exhibit the energy being consumed nearly instantly or shortly after (probably on next 200ms batch).

The main issue with this comes from the energy taking so long to consume that it often will overlap with the next regen of 20 energy, resulting in it being a wasted 20 energy (from what I can tell this extra munched energy does NOT increase the damage done of the FB).

For the time being, I have altered my gameplay to get around this by only using FB just after an energy tick happens, but obviously this is not always possible.

Not sure if this has to do with latency, as I am playing on a server that isn’t totally local so my latency to server is 62-66ms.

Can anyone else confirm this behavior? And also include their latency :slight_smile:


No druid bugs, or any I’m sure, got fixed with today’s small maint.

Delay on furor energy/rage.
Furor bear form combat.
Energy drain from Fero bite 1-2sec after ability causing it to eat the next tic energy regen as well.
Predator strikes AP canceling when you switch between forms without shifting out to human first.
Deviate delight/noggen elixir not persisting through forms.

And I’m sure, but I haven’t tested myself, mana drain in animal forms, all still broken.


1 sec seems right

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No I do not. The helm is definitely giving 10 rage. When I unequip the helm I get 10 rage. With the helm I get 20 rage.

I’ve also experienced many of these druid bugs; they’re pretty consistent. Hoping they get fixed soon, especially the FB energy consumption bug. Feral feels especially clunky with the way energy is working at the moment.


It’s pretty sad that we are nearing a full month without the known issues sticky being updated

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Bear Threat seems off to me… talented with bear threat and hitting swipe on 3 mobs… i will still lose threat on mobs very often… even with tabbing to get an attack off randomly on each


Swipe seems to give next to no threat in my experience (max threat talents), not sure how it was in classic so can’t comment on it.

Just another day with a broken class, will we see bug fixes before the end of the year? unlikely. Back to the top.


Yea it seems like the only reason to swipe is burn extra rage, better to just tab target maul for threat.


WTF has Blizz done to Druids in classic? What a cluster****.


Anyone notice that combo points disappear when you simply change your target either to yourself or another mob and change right back.

I was in STV and Duskwood today and if I was attacking a target and went to heal myself, my combo points were gone. I also noticed if I clicked a mob or horde player in the distance and back to my target, my points were gone.

I dont think this has happened to me prior to today and it doesn’t appear to affect pvp encounters .

[Patch 1.4.0](patch date:2005-05-05): Combo points will no longer be removed if the target is deselected. They will only be removed if a different target is selected.

Well SOB. Sure was spoiled switching from a shaman to druid when they redid the cat and bear form models.

I guess I haven’t noticed because I don’t deselect the mob to heal myself. /mindblown.

This was normal for Vanilla. It is not a bug.

That said, it was always somewhat annoying. As time went on, they made it so a mob would not lose points, but you could not use them on another enemy. A little later than that, they made combo points stay on you.