The Big 3 - Leeway, Layering, & Spell Batching

Have you seen or played beta? It is way too large a window.

Yep, back in vanilla when we typically had 80-100+ world ping it wasn’t super noticeable. Playing with ~25 world ping it’s horribly obvious and obnoxious.

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My opinion:
Layering - its not the best but i’ll deal with it for phase 1 only.
Leeway - i agree thats its unnecessary.
Spell batching - its fine and i like it the way it is.

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Do what I do, right click and report for spam.

All 3 needs to be fixed.

What is “Leewaying”? Honestly, this is the first I hard of it.

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Can’t link a video but youtube it, there is a good video circulating explaining the issue from Perplexity.

#no changes lol

It’s the system accounting for latency in regards to hitboxes.
Basically it anticipates you character being in position X when they are in position Y.

As far as I’m aware it’s an attempt to get a picture of where both players “should be” when two slow computers are talking to a server and to each other.

This is a different video to the one I’ve previously seen but hopefully it should be the same.

For clarity, if someone is back pedalling into a wall whilst you are stationary, even if you are in melee range, you will stop being able to attack as the game will “predict” the other player to be moving out of your attack range.


Does the ‘leeway’ mechanic only apply to players, or npcs as well?

Someone else would have to confirm that for you, I know in the video I link Perplexity specifically says “when engaged in PvP combat” however I have seen pictures of people claiming it on mobs like Molten Giants.

Leeway extends ranges on all abilities (melee range attacks, 20 yard range, 41 yard range, hunter deadzone) when you are moving. It was added in cataclysm as a form of anti-lag. By then, the game had so many gap closers and gap openers that it wasn’t too detrimental to the gameplay. It will affect mobs, but mobs do not get extended range for moving like you do, so the problem is compounded when two players are fighting eachother.

P.S. spell batching is a good thing and absolutely necessary and central to wow gameplay before they removed it in WoD, and its removal is what has made WoD legion and BFA feel so stale.

I’m betting it applies to NPC’s as well, I get a lot of out of range when doing things even though I was clearly in range when I hit an ability. Although that could also be spell batching issues.

I agree with this post. Leeway and Spell Batching don’t belong in 2019.

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I’m like 50/50 on it, I like the whole #nochanges thing. But the more I see of these issues the more concerned I am for the experience.

I think it’s something that at least needs to be addressed, even if it is simply toned down a bit. Understandably these issues weren’t apparent when everyone has dodgy connections to each other, but with modern connections it just shows how large the compensation was.
Reduce the leeway range by a bit and shorten the spell batching latency and you will get the feel more like Vanilla without having it act so jarringly.

Still a little unsure. Let’s say, for example, a frost mage is aoeing down packs of mobs with blizzard and cone. Will the mobs hit the mage when he should be out of range?

This only works one way. Abilities are given priority over others so it will only be beneficial for certain classes.

Example, you’re a mage - you get a poly off before a warrior charges. By all means you should be safe but with batching you would still be charged as spells are below other abilities.

It can only work one way with order of execution and only benefit certain classes. You may out-play your opponent but still get slaughtered due to batching because of it.

I’ll just say that a lot of range and ability checks are not instant like they would be in retail and often times are very far from instant. And yes this definitely applies to mobs as well.

No. That is not how it has worked in retail for a long time, only players get the grace of extended range. But I am not on the beta so don’t take my word as 100% proof.

Hypotheticals are great when you need something that isn’t real to prop up your opinion.

Long delays on actions are detrimental to any game that has player v player components. It has pve ramifications as well, but to a lesser degree.

You won’t find a game where that isnt true.

People like hitting buttons and immediately something happens. You won’t find many people enjoy playing PowerPoint.